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Timeless Advice

Naomi of Embrace Your Femininity has discovered a wonderful letter written by St. Gregory of Nazianzus, a letter that provides timeless advice. It was written by St. Gregory to a spiritual daughter of his who was going to be married shortly, and he used it as an opportunity to provide some sage advice. I am going to give my thoughts on what I think are the more significant parts of the letter. I won’t repeat the letter in full; the whole letter can be found here. Those segments in quotes that are in bold are those which I feel are especially pertinent or (in some cases) those which the Naomi found meaningful. Keep in mind is that this letter is written for a woman who is about to be married, so its full impact is for married women.

Here is part of the first major paragraph:

Listen to me Olympiatha: I know that you desire to be a true Christian. As such, be aware that a true Christian must not only be one but she must also appear accordingly. This is why I ask you to pay special attention towards your personal appearance. You must be simple! Gold, attached to precious stones, does not add any value to women of your stature. This is even more so with make-up. It is very improper for you to alter your face, which represents an image of God, for the sole purpose of attraction and admiration by others. Know that this constitutes vanity that is unbecoming of a young lady of your character. I therefore ask that you overcome the feminine vanity that is abundant among young ladies of our time and remain simple in your appearance.

Something which has been noted around these parts for a while has been the tendency of many married women to use a lot of make-up and wear their nicest clothes when they go out and about, but to dress shabbily and appear unkempt at home. As St. Gregory rightfully notes, these women have their priorities backwards. Their husband is the only one that they need to look good for, and should look good for. He is the only man to whom attraction should matter. Looking good for the sake of other women is pure vanity, and must be rejected.

Of course, this must be balanced with the Christian wife’s duty to submit to her husband. So, if her husband asks her to beautify her appearance when they go out together, then she should. People will judge her husband by how she looks, so it is important that she provide a good impression. If he wishes her elegant, then she should be elegant. If he wishes complete modesty, then she should be modest. This advice by St. Gregory is primarily directed at a woman’s own initiative, not her husband.

What is particularly interesting is the language in the last sentence. While I am sure that the translation has turned it into something which is more akin to modern ways of speaking, that final sentence sounds just like something which could be said today. In that, it should serve as a reminder that vanity is a timeless trait, one that frequently rears its ugly head.

In your marriage, fondness, affection and love must be strong and persistent for him whom God has selected to be your life partner. This man is now the eye of your life and the delight of your heart. And if you ever perceive that your husband possibly loves you more than you love him, do not take advantage of his feeling by attempting to gain the upper had in your marriage. That is plainly wrong as it is totally against the writings of the Holy Gospel!

This warning seems to me to be a hint that pedestalization is not a recent development. Which should surprise no one, really. While one doesn’t necessarily have to agree with Rollo that men love idealistically (and women don’t), men are the same now as they have been throughout recorded history. We make the same mistakes, commit the same follies, and as seems obvious now, we repeat these time and time again. There is something within us as men that makes us (or most of us anyways) want to love women. At least, until we have suffered betrayal at the hands of a woman we loved. Respect is the fuel that keeps men moving. Without it we slow down and slowly fall apart. And there is no greater act of disrespect than betrayal. St. George is warning this young bride that taking advantage of her husband’s love for her will be hugely disrespectful, and may well lead to her betraying him, which could poison the well of love from him forever.

You must respect him and love him unconditionally, as you love God. Be aware that you are a woman and you have an important and great purpose and destiny; however, your purpose and destiny is different than that of your husband who must be the head of your household. Set aside the silliness of equality among the sexes, that some of your contemporaries preach, and attempt to comprehend the obligations of marriage. In the realization of these obligations you will discover the great patience and endurance that is necessary to fulfill your family duties; it is in this manner that you will also discover the great strength that you as a woman possess.

Consider that first sentence. Think of how radical it sounds. Unconditional love and respect? It sounds crazy to us today, but that only goes to show just how far afield Christianity has become. In truth, Christianity has always been, and will always be, a radical religion. God’s commands and Laws are never comfortable, because they are not aligned with our worldly wants and desires. A part of us will always resist what scripture and the Church teaches (or should teach), so we must always strive against this tendency and never forget that it exists.

What really strikes me, however, is the second sentence in bold. Is it just me, or is that not something which you could imagine having been written a few decades ago, when Feminism was making its greatest advances? When we think of our problems, the unhealthiness of the socio-sexual order in our present age, we tend to believe that it is a modern problem. Something which has only existed recently. This letter proves that lie for what it is. Feminism, with its call for “equality among the sexes” is an age old problem, one that has always been with us. There is nothing new under the sun, our present problems are to be found in every age.

You must never criticize, scold or become derogatory towards your husband for something that he has erred. Likewise, you must avoid any contempt towards any inaction or indecision by your husband, even when the outcome is not favorable or something that you greatly desire or consider proper. Be aware that demons are always around attempting to penetrate your household, and break up the couple’s harmonious spiritual cohabitation.

While he never directly uses the word Respect in this paragraph, St. Gregory alludes to it throughout. Everything I wrote about respect applies here. When a wife disrespects her husband, such as through open contempt, it opens a terrible wound in their relationship, one that doesn’t heal easily. While it may provide some instant gratification to prove him wrong, a wife who derides her husband will find that the long term consequences are perilous indeed. Such actions and behavior open a door through which the Adversary may enter, so that he may poison a wife’s mind, and through that bring the marriage to ruin.

Be extremely careful with whom you associate and the company that you keep. Be especially careful of the social gatherings that you may be participating in. Do not allow yourself to enter entertainment centers of questionable background; these represent extreme danger towards your purity and the sanctity of your marriage. These types of social interactions remove the instinct of shame, eyes cross with eyes, and once shame is not there to guard from any impropriety, the demons are able to exercise their influence and give rise to evils of unspeakable magnitude.

St. Gregory is giving more timeless advice here, by warning women (although this applies to men too) that they will be shaped by the company they keep. Oftentimes we won’t even notice this take place, but it does. You can often tell when someone has a new friend, just by the shift in their behavior. So it is essential we choose our associates carefully.

As for entertainment centers… I was struck by just how timely that advice seemed to be. Stories constantly pop up around these parts about wives who go to nightclubs with their friends for a “girls night out.” Such stories rarely end well. While they might be indicative of problems that already exist within the marriage, it is better not to chance such things. Avoiding temptation is essential, and so wives should be mindful of where they go.

Stay away from conceited and ostentatious women whose mind is pre-occupied with external appearances and social circles, all for the purpose of vainglory and public display. This should be the same for any men that you consider respectful and spiritual but whom your husband has not allowed to enter your home, irrespective of how highly you may regard them. For is there anything more precious for you than your good husband whom you love so dearly?

This is something which is very important for married women to understand. Men can perceive things about other men which a woman might be blind to. If your husband has indicated a man is not to enter your home, there is a strong reason for it. While there is always a chance that the husband might be mistaken, both respectful submission and general prudence dictate that a wife should not associate with men her husband wouldn’t want in the household. This advice is especially true in the present age, because there are more than a few men out there who seem to “specialize” in cuckoldry.

And now for your tongue. Your husband will always be your enemy for as long as your tongue is uncontrolled, even if you are to be blessed with thousands of other talents. A foolish tongue often endangers even the most innocent of people. It is preferred to maintain quiet, even in cases that you are correct. This is because you risk the expression of an unintended improper word or characterization. No matter how greatly you desire to say a lot, it is best that you limit your words and instead choose your presence to be a quiet one.

Nagging is nothing new. St. Gregory’s advice here is as good now as it was over 1600 years ago. Few things can erode trust, respect and love between a husband and wife quite like constant nagging. I am sure that it is a most difficult thing, to control your tongue as is required in marriage. But it is essential.

Lastly, this little part, which is the only section of the letter I was uncertain of:

And now pay close attention and be mindful of the following advice: You must never exemplify or maintain an uncontrollable desire for the flesh. Persuade your husband to respect the holy days of the Church and the fasting periods. This is because God’s laws are of much greater importance than the image of God. Be mindful that the institution of marriage was established by the Son of God to aid His creation so that a balance is maintained, as some depart this world while others arrive.

On the face of it, such language is not necessarily problematic. But it is easy to take such advice and use it improperly, towards evil ends. St. Gregory is correct that uncontrolled lust is a sinful thing, but that doesn’t mean that a wife’s passion for her husband is wrong. Far from it. Merely that she need temper it and not let it dominate her. Although I think for most women this is not apt to be likely, it is still advice worth noting. More important, however, is to not use Holy Days and fasts as an excuse to deny your husband. St. Paul was quite clear about the denial of conjugal rights, it should never happen. Abstinence in marriage must be mutual, and only for a limited time.

Other than that last part, this letter is a exemplary. Sadly, as a society we mostly reject the advice and counsel of the past. Too often we fall into the trap of thinking that our present situation is new and unique, and thus the wisdom of the ages is irrelevant. This letter proves otherwise. In our efforts to find a solution to today’s problems, it would behoove use to look into the past. Odds are that our elders have already given use the advice we need to carry us through today’s struggles.


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Submissions are Open

As most of you have noticed, the rate of posts here has dropped as of late. Unfortunately I have been very busy recently, and so haven’t been able to attend to this blog as I would have liked. Odds are that I will probably have only one post done within the next week or so, and even that is not a guarantee. In the meantime, I would like to offer the opportunity for anyone who is interested to submit a guest post, concerning the topics which this blog addresses: Christianity, the nature of men and women, feminism, socio-sexual interactions, etc. Anyone whose posts I approve of can decide whether they want to be anonymous or self-identify. A couple of caveats:

1) I reserve the right to censor anything in a submitted post I don’t approve of.

2) I reserve the right to post something I disagree with, and then rebut their arguments in a later section of the post or a separate post. The original author will be given a chance to respond as well.

3) The intended audience/rating should be roughly PG-13 level, although I might be willing to stretch it some depending on the nature of the subject matter. In such a situation I might protect the post with a password.

If you are uncertain if a topic will be approved, you can send me a short summary of what you would write so I can decide ahead of time whether it would belong.

If you are interested, I can be contacted at d0nalgraem3 at (no spaces and replaces at with @)


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100th Post Blogapalooza

This is my 100th post since I began blogging here in the manosphere back in March. Given that it is a nice, big, round number, I’ve decided to break away from my usual pattern and do something special. For one, I’ve been inspired to update my About page. In this post I will cover some of the past, present and future of my blog. That means a list of my favorite, and least favorite posts, along with a poll so that my loyal readers can give their own opinion. I will also cover traffic features and chart the progress of my blog since it started. Then I will also give everyone an idea of some of the blog posts by other bloggers which I’ve been the most fond of in the last few weeks.

What a Long Strange Road it has Been

I began this blog on March 10th, 2013. As of the time this post was written, here are some stats about my blog:

I have received 57,151 All Time Views

There have been 1,763 Comments

My overall average of views per day since I started is 291. Here is a monthly tally:

March: 30; April: 96; May: 112; June: 231; July: 398; August: 478; September: 763

My single best day for views was August 29th, when I published my post Market Failure and received 1276 views.

The overwhelming majority of views come from the United States. #2 is Canada, followed by the United Kingdom.

Since my blog started, search engines have proven to be the single biggest referrer to my blog. Not too far behind in the #2 spot is Sunshinemary, with Hawaiinlibertarian taking the #3 slot. Free Northerner is in fourth place, followed by Dalrock in fifth.

Speaking of search engines, the single most popular term that has sent people to this blog has been my name (and the name of the blog). But if you include similar terms aimed towards the same purpose, than the most popular search term by far involves “female attraction”, or “what women find attractive in men.”

As for where I send people, the most popular recipient of clicks from my blog has proven to be Sunshinemary by a landslide. Taking up the #2 slot is Dalrock, and in third place we have rising star Embraceyourfeminity.

Since I’m on the subject of stars, my star post remains to this day The Five Vectors of Female Attraction. #2 is Market Failure. In third place we have Going APE: What Attributes do Women Find Attractive in Men (which is a recap of my LAMPS theory). #4 is The Need and The Void, followed by Moral Agency in Women-Revisited in fifth place.

Lastly, we turn to the comments. Besides myself, the top commenter is the infamous Deti, with 86 comments. In second place we have surprise runner up Elspeth, with 67 comments. Third place is taken by Deep Strength with 54 comments. Butterfly Flower takes up fourth place with 50 comments, and Sigyn is in fifth place with 46.

The most commented on post is Market Failure, with 159 comments. In second place, with 73 comments, is Exploring Ideas and Questioning Myself- Episode 1. Third place is occupied by Market Differences Between Christian and Secular Marriages, which has 69 comments.  In fourth place we have All Alone in the Dark with 66 comments. And in fifth place, with 63 comments, is A Gross Indecency.

This brings the recap to an end.

Casting a Shadow

In the six or so months that I have been blogging I have written five score posts. Some have been pretty good, a handful great, and a few others, not so much. All but one has been open to the public, and so I will base the following off of the public posts.  The following five posts are, in my opinion, the most important that I have written:

1) The Five Vectors of Female Attraction– [Which I have cleaned up some in Going APE: What Attributes do Women Find Attractive in Men?]

2) Moral Agency Revisted

3) Church Shopping and the Race to the Bottom

4) Its Not the Fall That Kills You

5) Further Thoughts on Moral Agency

So, what about the worst posts that I have written? Here is my list:

A Fitness Test of Mass Destruction?

News You Can Use

Whatever Happened to Your Sunday Best?

“The List”: A Tool for Rebellion Against God

What is Love?

Of these, I’m not sure which qualifies as the worst. Since I seem to be having some trouble with this, I will trust it to my loyal readers to clue me in. This brings us to the first poll: Which of these posts in the worst?

Looking Outward

Most of the bloggers on my blogroll are Christian, but not all write specifically on the subject of Christianity. But when they do, it is often illuminating. Below are some Christian specific posts I have been reading.

Elspeth provides us with a great new term to use for self-righteous wives in I Killed My Inner Pharishee (and you should too)

Zippy Catholic explains that Submission to Authority is Voluntary. Submission to Authority is Mandatory.

Lady Sigyn has recently examined the subject of Biblical Training.

CaseyAnn at Resting in Apricity blogged a brief quote about Eternity. I responded here.

Leap of a Beta, a recent convert to Catholicism, realizes that “My Work is Cut Out for Me” in terms of regularly attending a Latin Mass.

As I have become more focused on improving my own masculinity, I have also developed a greater appreciate for femininity in women. Here are a few blogs and posts which address the subject of femininity-

From Girls Being Girls, some noteworthy posts include Bringing Out Your Feminine Nature and Hitting the Gym.

Naomi of Embrace Your Femininity provides us with several lovely posts on the subject of Dresses and The Benefits of Wearing High Heels.

Allamagoosa provides some helpful tips for the ladies on Leggings and Hosiery. Given what I see most women wearing these days, such knowledge should be spread far and wide.

Of course, the majority of blogs on my blogroll are Red Pill in nature, and provide a goodly number of posts on the subject to examine.

Laura at Unmasking Feminism provides a hilarious comic which explains how women need men in Recharging Your Battery.

Sunshinemary wonders if promiscuity can affect a man as significantly as it can affect women in The Promiscuity Widower. In case you missed it, she blogged up a firestorm when she questioned Rollo’s argument that men and women love differently in He was Unhaaaaapy.

Stingray warns us that Its Going to Get Worse Before it Gets Better, in that the costs to men of associating with women are only going to increase.

Rollo Tomassi examines the problem of conflicting male and female SMV in the context of hypergamy in The Curse of Potential. He also warns against making Appeals to Reason to women.

Vox Day quotes from a letter by Florence Nightengale in On Female Sympathy. A sample:

Women crave for being loved, not for loving. They scream out at you for sympathy all day long, they are incapable of giving any in return, for they cannot remember your affairs long enough to do so…They cannot state a fact accurately to another, nor can that other attend to it accurately enough for it to become information. Now is not all this the result of want of sympathy?

Free Northerner warns us about the danger of Backsliding and Failure as we men try to improve our interactions with women.

Empathologism delves into the double standard of the way Churchians hold men and women to account with Men Apologize to Your Wives… For Sex.  At the same blog God is Laughing dares to enter Into the Maw of the Matriarchy.

Over at Alpha is Assumed, Martel rebukes me for a lack of Christian joy. Earlier, in My Sacrifice, he examines how the Bible mixes responsibility and reward when dealing with men, and husbands specifically.

Bryce wonders what the impact of a Boycott by the Betas would be.

Dalrock has broached an interesting idea: Solopsism as a Religious Experience. A must read is his examination of Women’s morphing need for male investment.

Cane Caldo has recently admitted that Game is a Tool after all.

Cail Corishev wonders where the fear of rejection comes from in Rejection in Slow Motion.

That’s All Folks!

And that concludes my Blogapalooza. Well, almost. I didn’t cover the future. I have a few posts in the works right now. One covers the subject of Redemption, and how we should address it in the context of salvation and avoiding people turning to the sin in the first place. Another post, tentatively titled Romantic Architecture, will examine the concept of attraction “floors” and “ceilings.” Of course, since this is my 100th post, I should end with something special. So I think I will end with one last poll, wherein I provide my readers with an opportunity to direct the subject of my next post. Or to suggest a topic/subject of their own if they don’t like the options.


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Filling the Void


One of the ideas that I have championed in the past, and one which hasn’t really caught on in the greater manosphere, is that men have psychological need for women. Not feeling especially imaginative, I labeled it The Need, and I delved into this idea in depth with my post The Need and The Void. As I explained therein:

Men need women to provide comfort and reassurance, to be a warm blanket that allows men to forget, for a short while, the horrors of the world. A man runs to a woman to escape the toils of the world.

This is a simplistic explanation, but it works as a metaphor for how men perceive and need women. Women act as a source of release for men, and I don’t mean that in the purely sexual sense. It is far more than that. A good woman can help a man release all of the tension, the stress, the angst which accumulates as a result of the “toils of the world.” As for the consequences to a man without that release:

A man without a woman feels like there is a void in his life. The longer he is lonely, the greater the void becomes. For someone who goes without female companionship for long enough, that void eventually consumes him, leaving a shell of a man behind. By the way, when I say companionship, I don’t merely mean One Night Stands or flings. I mean a serious relationship with a woman. Something lasting during which a man can give attention to a woman, and receive it back.

Unlike the physical need that a man feels for a woman, this psychological need is not something that can be easily alleviated. Further on in the post I explained this in greater detail, and provided a name for this condition:

While the lack of physical contact with a woman (sex) might cause physical symptoms like an ache, the real harm is mental. Instead, I think I will refer to it as The Void, because the lack of femininity in a man’s life leaves him with a terrible emptiness which nothing else can fill. While a man might use porn or “sex-bots” or a Holodeck to satisfy the physical demands of The Need, that is the limit to their capabilities.  The true harm of The Void can only be met by a real, live, flesh and blood woman, although I suspect much time and money will be spent to prove me wrong.

And this takes us to the subject of this post: various methods by which the Void can be filled. The first method, one which is a not infrequent subject in the manosphere, is that of pornography.

The Substitute Product

Cail Corishev has recently addressed the subject of pornography, and how it has changed in the past few years. Cail provides a window in a world that some of us, this author included, don’t know a whole lot about. The main point of his post was to try and convey how Porn has become so much more realistic than it was in the past. As he puts it:

[H]igh-definition video takes it to a completely different level than pictures ever could. With a skin magazine, at least you had to use your imagination a little. But with video, she looks and sounds like she’s right there having sex with you. That’s two of the five senses, and they’re working on the other three. The intensity of that is far beyond anything that came before, and to compare it to pictures and stuff like drawings on cave walls is laughable — no one ever got addicted to staring at naked stick figures.

There is no doubt that Porn has been pushing the envelope when it comes to technology. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the online porn industry was the driving force behind online credit card transactions and streaming video. But the later piece of technology is what is relevant in the context of this post. Because streaming video provides for another technology which carries things even further:

But even beyond videos, now there are live webcams. I can go to a web site right now and do a search for whatever kind of girl I feel like today — maybe one with dark hair, small breasts, librarian glasses, and a southern drawl. Just like on a dating site, it’ll give me a list of women to browse through. I pick one, and there she is on my screen — a real girl, pretty and smiling, sitting in front of a webcam in her home or dorm room, maybe wearing some lingerie or a t-shirt, maybe not.  I can chat and flirt with her in real time.  Her main purpose, of course, is to get me to pay for a private session where she will do whatever I ask her to.  But even if I never pay a dime, she’ll show off the goods, so I get to see a girl naked and talk to her — a girl who will be on her best behavior, because she wants me to stick around and want more.

So now I not only have two of the five senses filled with a woman I picked out to fit my desires, but she’s responding to me in real time, just like a real girl, plus she’s being totally pleasant and fun.  And if I decide to pay for “sex” with her, she’ll respond to me just like if it were the real thing, turning over or moaning louder or whatever on command.  Now we’re getting awfully close to the real thing, and it’s starting to include some of the other comfort factors that you don’t get from pictures or a recorded video.  This girl you can sort of cuddle with and talk to afterwards.

The bolded parts are mine, for emphasis. I added them because what Cail is starting to describe at the end of this quote is something much more… meaningful(?) than mere sexual release. Instead, it is almost sounding like web cam girls can offer a means by which The Void can be filled, because they provide an opportunity for a man to mix sexual release with the psychological need for positive feminine interaction. The responsiveness and interactivity that a web cam provides bridges a gap that was lacking earlier in outlets. I think Cail is right that they really change the game in ways that we are just beginning to realize. In the context of the general Market Failure we are experiencing now, this can have a profound effect on whether men will marry or not. If there are methods to fill The Void without a woman, then I suspect that given the current climate that many men will leap at the opportunity. And speaking of possible methods to fill The Void, this leads to one that I discovered somewhat recently: ASMR.


ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is something of a novel and recent concept. As described by Wikipedia, it is:

…a neologism for a recently described perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli.

There are a number of videos up on Youtube by various “ASMR artists” who use their videos to try and generate those kinds of responses. Many of them involve whispering or speaking softly and various repetitive noises, including brushing, scratching, chewing and tapping. Some I find to be more effective than others (scratching and tapping, for instance), but the nature of ASMR means that the proper stimulus varies from person to person. A nickname seems to have developed for those who find themselves fans of ASMR: “tingle-heads” (something some manospherians will no doubt find highly amusing).

I don’t recall exactly where I first became familiar with ASMR, although I think it might have been from one of the various bloggers in this part of the internet. [Nightskyradio has clued me in that it is TempestTcup who was the blogger in question, with her post “Pull My Hair.] Either way, in the few months that I have known about it I have discovered that it is a particularly effective method of stress relief. In that time I have listened to, and watched, dozens of different ASMR artists ply their trade. Along the way, I have developed several favorites, whom I will watch and listen to on a regular basis. As I was compiling a mental list of my favorite ASMR artists, I realized that there was a common theme to all of them:

They were all fairly attractive young or youthful women with pleasant voices.

When I first set out to experience ASMR, I didn’t consciously focus my efforts on artists who matched that description. But I naturally gravitated towards them. And what I have realized is that I was unconsciously drawn to them because their efforts were the most enjoyable for me to experience. I had, without setting my mind to it, been attempting to use their videos to fill The Void. Or at least, that is what I speculate has been motivating me. With matters of the unconscious/subconscious it is always difficult to be certain.

What I have noticed is that the videos I enjoy the most involve soft whispering combined with some other kind of repetitive or “white” noise. I theorize that the combination of these noises plus the whispering acts to mimic or parallel the psychological reassurance which women can provide. Essentially, the stress reducing component of ASMR noises plus feminine whispering creates a mental bridge that simulates the effect on the brain of positive interactions with a woman. At least, that is what I think may be going on. [I hope that some of you can provide your own thoughts on the matter.]

And by no means do I think that this is a complete replacement for women. Only two of the five senses are met here. The lack of physical touching (which I believe is essential to filling The Void) is a glaring hole with these videos. And simulating “the warmth of a woman’s touch” is much more difficult than sight, or sound or smell. Still, this is an effect that I think merits close observation, to see what will become of it.


In The Need and The Void I expressed doubt that it would be possible to fill The Void with technology, but now I am no so sure. Web Cam Girls and ASMR vids are only the tip of the iceberg. As science develops new understanding of the human brain, I have to concede the possibility that the particular neutral triggers which satisfy The Void might be located, and methods developed to safely stimulate them. In such an event, men really will be able to Go Their Own Way, and we might see a collapse of the Marriage Market after all. What that will mean for society I cannot begin to predict, but I suspect it will not be the positive impetus for change that some hope for. Truly, we live in interesting times.


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A Serious Diversion

Novaseeker has published two new posts over at his blog, Veritas Lounge. He has been quiet for some time, so I’m glad that I checked to see if he had posted an update. The two posts concern, among other things, the subject of Matt King, the Red Pill, and the current state of Christendom. The overall subject is the divide between Athens and Jerusalem.

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

Should I get time, I may comment here with my thoughts later.


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Setting a Matter to Rest

Just in case anyone was curious, no, this is not me.

[As a side note, Prince Amukamara appears to be a perfect example of a Righteous Alpha. Just think of how high his LAMPS values must be. He seems to be decently good looking, is in great physical shape, must make a decent chunk of money every year, and has a very high status position as a NFL player (for the Jets, true, but still, professional football). The only question surrounds his Power value; the article gives some hints of Beta behavior but its difficult to be sure (and I would have to think he has to be fairly confident in himself considering hi station in life). So you just know that this guy has to have been receiving a huge amount of female attention. In fact, he is at least a male 9 in terms of SMV value. His remaining celibate (for now) is clearly a matter of personal choice based on his faith, and not circumstance. So to those who say that there aren’t male virgins out there, or at least ones who actually choose to stay that way until marriage, I offer this exhibit into evidence.]


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Thoughts on Eternity

Over at Resting in Apricity, a brief discussion took place in the comments concerning the nature of Eternity. My initial idea of eternity was to associate it with the concept of forever. The blogmistress, CaseyAnn, had a different concept of eternity: that of timelessness. When we consider these two definitions in the context of God, her’s was clearly the superior. When I commented on the two different approaches we took, she left this great comment:

Yes, yes, very good observation and the most beautiful revelation about God. A major error with seeing eternity as quantitative is that it gives the impression of a beginning and an end. God is eternal: He had no beginning and has no end.

I could be off the mark here, but I’ve tended to see eternity as only intelligible as something of an aspect of God. God didn’t create eternity, after all. It gets somewhat confusing when one thinks of hell, however. But my understanding is that hell is not, as popularly regarded, the absence of God but His very presence, which tortures the Godless. This is consistent with the idea that eternity cannot be separated from God.

It is supremely difficult for some people to grasp the concept that time itself is a construct, an artificial creation of something greater. This is understandable, because we are by our very nature temporal creatures, thinking in terms of before and after, cause and effect. It takes concerted effort to try and free our minds from the boundaries of causality, and to imagine something that just is. Even when we can achieve that kind of mental state, we must still acknowledge that as but a tiny mote amidst the unimaginable immensity of Creation, our minds cannot grasp but the smallest sliver of the majesty that is Eternity.


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Girl Game Tip #1: Be Available

This post’s title is somewhat tongue in cheek, as I rather doubt that I will be offering “Girl Game” tips in the future. For those looking for such advice, Girls Being Girls is your best bet. But I was inspired to write about the subject by some recent events in my life, as well as reading someone relate a story where she received some truly awful “Girl Game” advice, which thankfully was not followed. Before I get into the advice, I will relate two brief stories about girls I met recently.

Girl #1

Last week I attended an evening Mass at my local church (many Catholic churches will hold services, which we call Mass, during the week), something which I hadn’t done for a long time. When I arrived at church I noticed a young woman, perhaps mid-twenties, sitting in one of the pews. My seat didn’t provide me much of an opportunity to get a good look at her, but she seemed pretty enough at first glance, not to mention thin. Her clothing appeared fairly modest as well, which, coupled with her body language, made her seem somewhat demure. I didn’t recognize her, as I hadn’t seen her at any of the normal masses at my church before. Naturally all this intrigued me, and I wished that I had an opportunity to speak with her before Mass. During the service I was struck by her voice, which had a sweetness and clarity to it that I found thoroughly enjoyable. While I was still concentrating on the Mass (something I became quite skilled at years before thanks to the Sunday Morning Nightclub), I resolved to speak with her afterward. While I couldn’t be sure, I wasn’t able to observe any rings on her fingers, so I guessed that she was unmarried. Unfortunately, as soon as Mass ended I saw her leave quickly and rush out of church, before I even had a chance to leave my pew.

Girl #2

A few days later I was at Saturday vigil Mass (seriously, there is no making an excuse about not being able to attend Church as a Catholic), which is the usual service that I attend. I was already seated, and Mass was about to begin, when I observed a young woman sit several rows ahead of me. She appeared to be of Hispanic descent, and was either very early twenties or late teens. She was clearly pretty and had a feminine figure as well. Like the previous girl, I had never seen her before at Church, which made me wonder if she normally attended one of the Spanish language Masses. Interestingly enough, I thought that she might have been giving off some IOIs during Mass (which was rather distracting, actually) by playing around with her hair, which was a long and lustrous black. Furthermore, she also sat in her pew in such a way so that she didn’t face straight forward, but instead facing somewhat sideways, which meant that she could see me out of the corner of her eye. The thought of not speaking with her after Mass never entered my mind. But this time, Mass wasn’t even fully over before the young woman left her pew and hastily exited church.

The Tip

Now, it is likely that both young ladies had somewhere to go after Church. Perhaps even something important. And it is also possible that neither was “single” in the sense of not having a man in her life. And of course, one could question if Church is the proper place to make an approach (but if not Church, then where? Especially if you are looking for a devout spouse). Whatever the situation, neither girl made herself available for an approach.

And this is the crux of the matter. If a good, high-value woman wants to be approached by men, she needs to make herself available. Rushing about from place to place makes this next to impossible. If you have time, linger for a few minutes. Give any men who might be interested the opportunity to evaluate you and decide to make an approach. You can help them by moving somewhat away from any other action going on, to give a slight amount of privacy between the two of you. Men can feel somewhat vulnerable during an approach, so we feel less pressured when it is just us and the woman in the vicinity.  Also, it is essential to maintain a pleasant or even cheerful demeanor if you can manage it. This makes it much more likely that a man will approach you. Men are drawn to cheerful women, and are repulsed by angry or unpleasant ones.

So, to summarize:

Girl Game Tip #1: Be Available

1) Let yourself linger for a few minutes to give me a chance to approach

2) Place yourself in a somewhat private place

3) Display a pleasant or cheerful attitude

Thus endeth the lesson.


Update 1: Girl #2 wasn’t present at the vigil Mass yesterday. Something tells me that I will probably never see her again.


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Trying Something Different

My previous post was a test to see how to set up a password protected post. Perhaps not my next post, but one shortly from now will be a private, password protected post which will cover some topics and subject matter that is more sensitive than I normally discuss on this blog. A measure of privacy will enable people to speak more freely than they might otherwise. Those who wish to engage in this conversation can request that they be e-mailed a password in the comments below.

Update: At this point, I am going to limit this to either regulars of my blog, regulars of some of the blogs that I am familiar with in these parts and who have a good reputation, and perhaps a few folks who have been engaging me via e-mail.

Update 2: The first batch of e-mails has gone out.


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Protected: This is a Test (figuring out how to create a password protected post)

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