A Day Like No Other

Today is Good Friday, a day which is unlike any other in the year. And yet, this year already seems like no other year as well. At least, it does for so very many people around the globe. But of course, isn’t that true for some people all the time? There are always places in our world which are suffering- whether it be plague, famine or war. Places where people struggle to find a sense of normalcy.

If anything, the times we live in should remind us of how much we take for granted. Or rather, have taken for granted. We took for granted that we could work our jobs as normal. We took for granted that we could shop where we wanted. We took for granted we could meet up with friends or family whenever we wanted, or at least, when it was convenient. We even took for granted that we could worship together when we wanted to.

If all of this is not a wake up call, I don’t know what could be. Perhaps total destruction of all we hold dear?

So where am I going with this? I guess it is to say that we shouldn’t take this day, and what it represents, for granted either. God has given so much for our sake, and we constantly take it for granted. It seems we only can appreciate what we have when we have lost it. Let us remember, then, that what happened almost 2000 years ago gave us a a chance for life, and life eternal at that. Hopefully we won’t take that any more for granted than we already have. Otherwise, we will only appreciate the gift of eternal life when we have already lost it.


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6 responses to “A Day Like No Other

  1. This is true. I had certainly taken more for granted than I realized.

    But the precious gift of eternal life in Christ? God grant me that I never take that for granted.

    Good to hear from you, Donal.

  2. Very good post. My hubby and I were talking about this topic recently, though it didn’t go as in depth as this post. Watching a live-streamed Easter Mass in the morning is going to be strange since we can’t be there for that for the first time ever, even though we’ve watched live-streamed Masses ever since our Archbishop cancelled public Masses. But we’re grateful to at least have that option.

  3. fuzziewuzziebear

    Good to see you, Donal!
    Someone in Mississippi tried to do a drive in service that would have conformed to all the CDC standards and got raided by police handing out five hundred dollar citations.

    I’ll let people draw their own conclusions.

  4. fuzziewuzziebear

    Happy Easter!

  5. Überdeplorable Psychedelic Cat Grass

    What the wifey Cassie said!

    Happy Easter, too, bro!

  6. Thanks! And to you as well, mate.

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