A little bit about me:

I am a Christian (of the Traditional Catholic variety) man from the Millennial generation who lives in America. My whole life I have been searching for the wisdom to walk the narrow path while avoiding the perils of a fallen world. I started this blog in order to explore various ideas about the true nature of men and women, in both a scientific and Christian context, and how those truths might play out on a personal and societal level. Since then I’ve been exploring my faith in greater depth, and seek to recover and restore all that has been lost or forgotten in the modern age.

At this point I am unmarried, but (despite the considerable risks inherent in what is left of the institution these days) hope that I will marry one day, although I recognize that it is unlikely. I am very discriminating when it comes to whom I will consider for marriage, as I believe that marriage is for life.

[In case there are any marriage-minded young women (or their parents) who are curious about what I am looking for, here is an idea: devout, chaste,  at least somewhat pleasing to the eye, and feminine. Also, interested in having a large family, willing to home-school and and raising a bunch of little Saints.]


You can contact me at d0nalgraem3 -at- gmail.com (no spaces or hyphens, just use the @ symbol. Also, that is a zero in the name.)

27 responses to “About

  1. Artisanal Toad

    Have an email for contact?

  2. Check the e-mail account linked to your WordPress account.

  3. proverbs31

    Hello again… I was just curious to know how old you are

  4. I will contact you via e-mail.

  5. I really liked this post from Visionarydaughters. http://visionarydaughters.com/2013/08/the-top-10-things-girls-should-study-but-rarely-do
    While keeping up appearances, fitness, domestic duties are important there are so much more skills needed to run a household and family and the Botkin sisters address all of this including being well-read, diverse, cultured, etc. Conservative women rarely ever talk about this (or know about this), but I think it is worth mentioning.

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  7. I think you use a unique name/handle — how did you come up with it? Or is it your real name? Sounds Irish or Scottish or something:)

  8. My “handle” is the main character in an old science fiction book by the name “Dorsai!”

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  10. theshadowedknight

    Donal, I have a piece on moral agency that is relevant to the discussion over the GCG post. If you are willing, I want to submit it as a guest post. You have my address, so let me know if you are interested.

    The Shadowed Knight

  11. I’ve been reading through your blog, shocked at what I’ve read. No wonder you aren’t married. You are an immature jerk who appears to want to completely dominate a woman to the point where the signs point to absolute abuse on your part. I’ve been a Christian my entire life, with wonderful male role models. If they acted like you, said the things you say about women, trust me, there would be no additional generation. No wonder men like you can’t get a date or even get a woman to look at them. You want the the chastity of a nun, the body of a slut, and the mind of a child. Good luck finding that. There is no reality to your approach to women. It is pathetic, sad, actually. Women are the equal of men in every way. My life is spent in a man’s world as a writer, who specializes in the life of Wyatt Earp and Tombstone, the history of the Wild West. The men you try to emulate would laugh at you, making fun of you. It is quite sad. Maybe, if you grew up and realized that women are every bit your equal, to be treated as equals spiritually and intellectually, maybe you might get somewhere with them. The way it is, you’re sort of a dud. Marriage is based on equality, mutual respect, honor, decency, and love. Any man who expects a submissive wife, is someone any normal woman would avoid like the plague. Your desire for one reeks of abuse.

    [DG: I let this troll through the filters for the sheer amusement value. If I have the time, and I feel like it, I might take the opportunity to turn this comment into a post like I did for the last troll who showed up around here.]

  12. Aw, Donal, in’t she fancy with her equality talk?
    Abuse! Abuse!

  13. If SJ is “normal”, why would any man in his right mind want “normal”? Good grief, the straw in her criticisms of you is triggering my hay fever…

  14. eof

    @ SJReid. I’m genuinely intrigued as to why you use such abusive language toward Donal, when you are a Christian? Perhaps your views would be better answered if you said them kindly? And how do you reconcile your beliefs that a woman should not submit to her husband, with your Christian beliefs? Isn’t Scripture clear that women should submit to their husbands?

    I feel really sorry that you felt the need to leave such a hateful comment, but in some way I am glad because now I can pray for you. I do think that even if we have disagreements with another’s views, we should still voice them respectfully(after all you mention respect in your comment, yourself). When we offer our views respectfully like Christians should, we are more likely to get our point across. It’s quite difficult to, when our opinions are just marred with hate.

    Everybody has their own preferences in selecting a spouse, Donal has his and he is perfectly entitled to that. Why does this affect you? Why do you believe the Biblical outline for marriage constitutes “abuse”?

    I believe men and women are equal in the eyes of the Lord, however He did create us with different roles. Our God-given roles are complementary to each other. A woman’s purpose is a beautiful blessing, Praise God!
    sister, I’d like to pray for you, that you can abandon that hate talk, and learn to reach out in love. 🙂

  15. Patrick Pedat Ebediyah Golston

    If SJ were a student of the Word, how could she take issue with the content here?

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  17. Hello there.

    My name is Alexander and I would like to propose a collaboration between us. Please get in touch with me when you see this. I have added my email below so that you can contact me there. I would like to do link exchange with you. I have a couple of blogs on red pill and other men related sites.

    Best regards from Norway

  18. Pedat Ebediyah

    Hey Brother,

    Have you seen this? It’s one of my favorite channels..

  19. No I haven’t. Will check it out.

  20. Don, do you have an email I can reach you at?

  21. Rollo, check your e-mail attached to your comments.


    I sent you an email, Donald. – Sean

  23. I received you e-mail, and will respond when I get a chance.

  24. Mikolaj Konarski

    This sidebar link doesn’t work for me: “A Christian Man’s Guide to Love and Marriage in the 21st Century”.

    Thank you for your blog!

  25. Thanks for alerting me. I will remove the link shortly. Last I heard, it was being edited and released on paper.

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