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Like any part of the internet, this particular section is not immune to “flame wars” or other heated disagreements. In fact, we have seen more than a few since I first started blogging, and more before that when I was only a commenter or lurker.

Now, I don’t find them to be terribly helpful, and in fact believe that most of the time they cause unnecessary division and infighting. Given the present social/cultural environment, I don’t believe it helpful for blue-on-blue fights to break out.

The thing is, I believe that such conflicts are often avoidable, because more often than not they seem to be the product of miscommunication or misunderstandings. It is far from uncommon for the conflict to die out once one side or the other, or sometimes both, realize what was really trying to be said. Were there better avenues of communication to begin with, then perhaps in-fighting wouldn’t have broken out, and instead matters could have been discussed/debated and resolved in an agreeable, and certainly less public, fashion.

Towards that end: if anyone has a problem with something that I have written- whether they think it merely incorrect, or accidentally (or purposefully) serving feminism/the feminist imperative, or is in otherwise need of correction- then I would ask that person to contact me via e-mail first. You can find it in the About section. Hopefully we can work out any disagreements through e-mail first, before letting it spill over into posts and comment sections.

Ultimately, I think that will help keep in-fighting down, and allow us to focus more on the topics/subjects that are important to us, rather than get bogged down by internecine warfare.


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11 responses to “Report Any Problems

  1. I agree that flame wars are unnecessary (just the name indicates that). I tend to think, though, that if an idea is put into the public sphere, that it should be addressed in the public sphere so that everyone who read the first can also read the opposition or correction and ultimate resolution. At the very least, the possibility of public rebuke helps keep people honest, as we often feel comfortable pointing out other people’s failings, but hate when the same is done to us.

    As far as genuine misunderstandings go, a charitable discussion could be helpful to clarify things for all. Perhaps it’s the tone of the disagreements that is the problem?

  2. FuzzieWuzzie

    Neither your personality or mine lends itself to this. I can see how, as blogmeister, you may attract this sort of thing but, I haven’t seen it here. I do remember Matthew King and Frank Swift going at it on SSM’s about a year ago and she linked this

  3. FuzzieWuzzie

    Maybe part of it is that people lose sight of that we’re here to learn and have fun. Any way, here’s another that might prove useful

  4. Elspeth

    I hate flame wars too, and have always tried to avoid them. They are useless and serve as an occasion to sin, gossip and create strife.

    Good for you to nip that in the bud.

  5. FuzzieWuzzie

    I love doing video links. Should you wish to put the brakes on, just tell me. Here’s another

    I don’t think that we’ll ever see forty bronze Napoleans together again in our lifetimes.

  6. femininebutnotfeminist

    This reminds me of something I read somewhere recently…

    “It’s hard for flames to keep burning when no fuel is added to the fire” … or something like that.

    Seemed to fit the topic.

  7. FuzzieWuzzie

    I have used this one on threads.

    Could I be going through comment withdrawal? SSM has had comments closed for three weeks now.

  8. FuzzieWuzzie

    In case someone says something EXCEPTIONALLY praiseworthy

    There’s a story behind this scene. It was unscripted and completely spontaneous. The cameras were rolling as it happened and the director included it in the film. Who knew reenacters were such big fans of Martin Sheen?

  9. Hey Final, can I get a password for the protected posts?

    [DG: Um, did you mean me? Auto-correct problem?]

  10. Hey Donal,

    There will always be different perspectives. Whilst people may share ideological overlap, complete agreement is unlikely. That has becomr abundantly clear.

    Commentors with a dog in the fight will always be up for disagreement. Lets face it, even disagreement can sometimes be preferable to the banality of contemporary mainstream life.

    There is a balance between staying focussed and generating grist for discussion that written blogs often fail to enable. The written word often lacks unspoken messages, satire, projection and other associated contextual information that fills out a message.

    As for me, i am not interested in writing to invite comments at my own online place. It is for me to thresh out, and satirise issues.

    Good luck with the moderating. As thr manosphere goes mainstream, comments sections seem to need more intrusive maintenance to limit the damage.

  11. LOL yep I meant you Donal…. damn you auto correct….. and iphones in general

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