Submissions are Open

As most of you have noticed, the rate of posts here has dropped as of late. Unfortunately I have been very busy recently, and so haven’t been able to attend to this blog as I would have liked. Odds are that I will probably have only one post done within the next week or so, and even that is not a guarantee. In the meantime, I would like to offer the opportunity for anyone who is interested to submit a guest post, concerning the topics which this blog addresses: Christianity, the nature of men and women, feminism, socio-sexual interactions, etc. Anyone whose posts I approve of can decide whether they want to be anonymous or self-identify. A couple of caveats:

1) I reserve the right to censor anything in a submitted post I don’t approve of.

2) I reserve the right to post something I disagree with, and then rebut their arguments in a later section of the post or a separate post. The original author will be given a chance to respond as well.

3) The intended audience/rating should be roughly PG-13 level, although I might be willing to stretch it some depending on the nature of the subject matter. In such a situation I might protect the post with a password.

If you are uncertain if a topic will be approved, you can send me a short summary of what you would write so I can decide ahead of time whether it would belong.

If you are interested, I can be contacted at d0nalgraem3 at (no spaces and replaces at with @)



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3 responses to “Submissions are Open

  1. One idea of mine about the SMP/MMP that I never developed further is that the Patero principle applies to women as well. It’s accepted wisdom in the sphere that roughly 20% of hetero men have 80% of all the hetero sex. It’s also accepted wisdom that women basically seek to exchange sex for resources with men. Can it be true that 20% of women get 80% of all resources from men? It sounds reasonable.

  2. If you want to explore that idea further hoellenhund I think it would prove to be an excellent post. Certainly something worth examining.

  3. I pretty much have only anecdotal evidence to go on. I’m pretty sure scientific research on this issue is scarce. However, when one listens to the general complaints of women about men, one sees they are usually about men’s refusal to invest time and money in women. That says a lot. It’s also clear that a sizable minority of Western women basically get little or no resources from men, whereas a small minority gets more male resources than they can handle.

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