A Serious Diversion

Novaseeker has published two new posts over at his blog, Veritas Lounge. He has been quiet for some time, so I’m glad that I checked to see if he had posted an update. The two posts concern, among other things, the subject of Matt King, the Red Pill, and the current state of Christendom. The overall subject is the divide between Athens and Jerusalem.

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

Should I get time, I may comment here with my thoughts later.


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2 responses to “A Serious Diversion

  1. That was an interesting read, thank you for the link. I won’t comment there though as I admit some of it went over my head a little. :/

  2. Good posts. They have a lot to them both on Matt and on modern Christianity

    I tend to stand by Matts thoughts, though I can see why he can push others away. I was poised to educate myself and he was influential on guiding that towards a classical education. As someone who has taken drastic actions based on my beliefs and what I’ve learned, I understand his frustrations towards a great deal of commenters, but I simply dont have the time or energy to deal with them. A small minority of people will ever seek such personal growth, and I do not currently have the time or wisdom to be able to sort them out.

    As for the state of the church…

    Obviously, it was part of Gods plan. My limited understanding of it is that the reformation worked changes necessary within the Catholic church and has had a side benefit of being able to show us now the dangers and evils of a split Christian faith. These impact society by allowing progressive changes easier implementation, protestant churches as demonstrated in the two posts, both Catholic and protestant churches through church shopping, and allowed easier invasion of evil into the Catholic hierarchy.

    So, while as this must be part of Gods plan, we must ask ourselves what we should be learning from the lessons and how to act striving forward.

    Personally I can’t imagine that he’s not preparing us for the need to be able to determine a true believer from a heretic quickly as we consolidate Christianity back towards one true church. That we must be able to stay strong of will and faith for the spiritual, and possibly physical, battle looming before us

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