What is Love?

The subject of Love has been on my mind lately, largely inspired by a couple of posts over at Dalrock‘s place. The first, Lovestruck, discusses the changes over the past few decades in our understanding of love and the role that it plays in marriage. The money quotes:

While there is much truth to this, it isn’t entirely correct. There is a new sexual morality which modern Christians and non Christians alike have embraced in the place of biblical marriage, and it isn’t centered around overt hedonism.  The new sexual morality is centered around romantic love.

What nearly all modern Christians have done is place romantic love above marriage.  Instead of seeing marriage as the moral context to pursue romantic love and sex, romantic love is now seen as the moral place to experience sex and marriage.  This inversion is subtle enough that no one seems to have noticed, but if you look for it you will see it everywhere.

As others have noted, this shift, while hardly noticed, is seismic in its implications. Dalrock gave us a glimpse with just how perverse and grandiose this shift is with this next post, But We Were in Love! There is so much wrong contained in the post I can’t begin to scratch the surface with a single quote, but here is the one that I found most egregious.

My bible is a book about love. Love is the highest and most important commandment I find when I read it with an open mind. Intimacy and sex is one (of many!) ways we express our love. I do not think that love among adult consenting human beings, can ever be a sin. This is my understanding.

Worst of all is that so many of the commentators at the site Dalrock linked to claimed to be Christians. As I remarked in a comment:

Whatever it is that they are talking about, it isn’t Christianity. Some form of paganism, I’m just not sure which.

I haven’t thought up a better explanation yet, although some other commentators suggested a modern remake of an ancient fertility goddess cult. Whatever the nature of their current faith, it is not Christian.

Central to this perversion of Christian teaching is the idea of love as a feeling, rather than an action. Unfortunately, feelings are temporary, transitive things. They come and they go. But Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians that Love is patient, Love is kind. In short, love is not a feeling. But that is exactly what “Romantic Love” is all about, feelings. Is it no wonder then, when western cultures teaches us to arduously pursue romantic love in our lives, that the divorce rate has skyrocketed? The song that carries the same name as this post is rather informative on the matter:

The lyrics, which can be found here, are illuminating. It is a full on immersion with Blue Pill untruths. A sample:

I want no other, no other lover
This is your life, our time
When we are together, I need you forever
The protagonist of the song is demonstrating low value, principally in the form of “oneitis.” He is showing almost no Alpha attributes what so ever, and it should come as no surprise that his lover has deserted him. He can’t understand why she has left him:
Oh, I don’t know, what can I do
What else can I say, it’s up to you

For those of us familiar with the Red Pill, we know what is wrong. His low-status antics have convinced her that he is low value. Women are hypergamous, they seek the highest status male available to them.  This hypergamy, driven by base instinct, affects how they feel. Which means it is really easy for women to fall in love, and for them to fall out of love. Men are only somewhat better. All of which is why Christians are to understand love not as feelings, but as actions. We love someone not by feeling something for them, but by doing something for them. For a better understanding of Love, try this post by Loki. I will probably update this post as I think of or find better examples.


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3 responses to “What is Love?

  1. You shoulda asked Howard Jones. At least he made some small attempt at answering the question. Not to mention a better song. But hey, who remembers Howie these days?

  2. Logos>Agape, or Agape>Logos? The unknown sect of paganism is simply basic Satanism; Christianity, Buddhism, and Hiduism start with the Logos, while Islam, tribalism, and modern libertinism start with Agape. I did a video on this a while back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM1a_8Jwaqc

  3. deti

    When men love, they tend to worship and idolize. They tend to make that which they love the object of their adoration, and they bow before it and do its bidding and obey its commands.

    Men fashion that which they love into a god.

    This is true of anything: God, women, a particular woman, work, sex, money, alcohol, drugs — you name it.

    And so the command upon Christian men to love God first.

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