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In response to a comment by Matt King over at Sunshine Mary’s, Rollo Tomassi suggested that those Christian men who believed that their virtue would be attractive to women put this belief to the test:

Locate the single (preferably not a single mother) Christian woman you’ve been so patiently trying to become more intimate with (in as non-lust conflicting a way as possible) and, as deftly and as Game savvy as possible, play up your virtuous nature as a ‘value added’ benefit of your character in selling yourself as an intimate proposition to her.

In other words, use Virtue Game. Make sure you pay attention to the subtle hints of her arousal while you expound upon your noble dedication to your virtuous nature. Erect nipples, dilated pupils and a noticeable increase in her spontaneous efforts at kino will all be IOI’s of your new found secret weapon of attraction.

I will admit to having found this amusing, although I agreed with what Sunshine Mary said about Rollo’s suggested “Virtue Game”:

Nota bene – Men don’t have virtue to please women. They have virtue to please God. If you think virtue will get you laid, it won’t. That isn’t the point of virtue in a man.

I have already written about what women find attractive in men in my LAMPS post, and in fact I am writing an update to that post now. Sadly, virtue has no place when it comes to attracting women. Or does it?

Courtesy of US News and World Reports, here is a article about a study that seems to suggest that Devout Catholics Have Better Sex:

Devout, married Catholics have the best sex of any demographic group, the Family Research Council said at an event Wednesday, pointing to a collection of studies from the last several decades.

The socially conservative Christian group relied heavily on statistics from the University of Chicago’s last National Health and Social Life Survey, conducted in 1992, which found the most enjoyable and most frequent sex occurring among married people, those who attended church weekly – any church, whether Catholic or not – and people who had the least sexual partners.

Some of this makes sense from a Red Pill perspective, especially the part about the number of sexual partners. While the exact mechanics of the female pair bonding ability are still not well understood, they do have obvious effects. The article itself is worth reading in full, especially because it isn’t very long. However, the data is somewhat old, and seems to be contradicted by more recent trends. Especially regarding the frequency of sex among married couples compared to non-married couples, because co-habitation has become more common lately. Which means this next part may not be relevant either:

The notion that Catholics have better sex isn’t a new one, especially coming from Catholics. In 1994, Andrew Greeley, a Catholic sociologist and priest, published “Sex: The Catholic Experience,” which released a litany of new statistics: 68 percent of Catholics professed to have sex at least once a week versus 56 percent of non-Catholics; 30 percent of Catholics had bought erotic underwear versus 20 percent non-Catholics; and 80 percent of devout Catholic women approved of having sex for pleasure alone.

Nearly twenty years have passed since Greeley’s work was published, leaving its current applicability questionable. But there are some reasons to believe the various studies are accurate. For one, the Catholic Church opposes birth control, including condoms, and some studies seem to indicate that semen acts as an anti-depressant (more here). It stands to reason that happiness and depression would have strong impacts on the likelihood of sex inside a marriage. Devout Catholics, not using condoms, would therefore be more likely to benefit from this mood-effect and thereby more likely to engage in sex , creating a strong cycle which encourages sexual activity.

In addition, devout Catholics also tend to want, and have, larger families. And in order to have more children, they would need to have sex a lot more often (plus it would by its nature have to be unprotected sex, encouraging the potential anti-depressant factor). This is just speculation, but there might also be ethnic/cultural factors at play as well, with Catholics less likely to come from puritanical traditions which viewed sex with distaste.

So where does all of this lead? Why, it leads to the conclusion that if you want to have the best sex possible, then statistics say that you should be a devout Catholic. Which leads to how to play Virtue Game: as part of the sexual escalation aspect of Gaming a woman, a devout Catholic man could impress any woman with the fact that a marriage with him would be the best route to great sex possible. The pick-up lines practically write themselves:

You think this is great music to get you in the mood? Just you wait till you hear the bells on your wedding day, you won’t know what hit you afterward.

That is a sexy black dress you are wearing… but you know what is even sexier? One in white. Trust me, seeing you in that… I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself from ripping it off you when I got you all alone.

Maybe Virtue Game has a chance, after all?

[I should hope that I don’t have to point out this post is rather tongue-in-cheek.]


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8 responses to “News You Can Use

  1. Self-righteous as it sounds, virtue is its own reward. This makes a bit more sense when you remember that “virtue” also means “power.” It’s not just women that have to submit to something in the end—men will too. They can either submit to an unchanging God, or they can submit to an ever-decaying Mammon, or the world. Women are attracted to men who can “overcome the world.”

    Whiny betas complaining that “women aren’t attracted to virtue” don’t understand what virtue is. God is powerful, God is good; power is good (good, not not amoral). Complaining that virtue isn’t attractive is like complaining that water isn’t wet. You must have a strange idea of water if that’s your complaint.

    “What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?

    If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,

    And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?”

    And my version: “And one of you say unto them, Come hither, I follow the Alpha and the Omega; be therefore satisfied thy hamster; not withstanding ye give them not the alpha which is needful to the hamster; what doth it profit?”

  2. Agreed. I was poking some fun at “Whiny Betas” who can’t let go of the fact that women aren’t attracted to nice guys. SSM was right, Virtue is for pleasing God, and ourselves.

  3. Yes. I have a nasty habit of spotlight-stealing by writing standalone discourses in comments when I should be writing posts.

    Also, a compilation of Catholic pickup lines would be awesome. Though those things are sometimes funnier from the outside. The line between sacrilege and and gentle humor is less clear from the outside.

  4. I suspect that those lines, which I just made up, would work for most Christians, not just Catholics. I’m not sure I have time to think up Catholic specific pick-up lines. =)

  5. Quick google(Pickup lines are an amazing window in bluepill worldview, btw. There was a lot of supplicating garbage I threw out):

    “Excuse me, I believe one of your ribs belongs to me. ”

    “Yeah, I predicted David over Goliath. ”

    “Want to practice speaking in tongues with me?”

    “Do you know the difference between making out and a sermon? … No? Want to go to church with me? ”

    “I just don’t feel called to celibacy. ” (This is the only one I could actually deliver with a deadpan. Unfortunately we don’t have the “called to celibacy” meme in the LDS church, so no one would get it. Highly recommended for other Christian dudes though)

    “No, i’m not coveting, I intend to make you mine. “

  6. I like the last one, just might have to use it.

  7. Solomon had the most wisdom ever given and had 700 wives and 300 mistresses.

    Granted that led to Solomon’s downfall but I don’t see Rollo pulling those numbers.

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