The Gift Of Advice

Long time readers might be familiar with the book A Christian Man’s Guide to Love and Marriage in the 21st Century, which I plugged last year. The author of the book, Don Riefstahl, has edited and updated his book and just released a second edition. Even better, he is offering a free PDF copy to anyone interested. If you want to check it out, or would like to send a quick and easy gift to a man in need, you can download it here. The book is published under a creative commons license and can be freely shared and copied.
The book itself is short (about a hundred pages) and provides a very brief encapsulation of much of what is discussed here and on other Christian monsopherian blogs. Don has cleaned up a lot since his first edition, and the book reads better and gets the point across much more smoothly. One thing that Don deserves a lot of credit for is sourcing – he has lots of footnotes providing all the sources for his quotes and statistics. They definitely raise the credibility of the book significantly.
The book is aimed at the dating crowd, however, even if a Christian man isn’t interested in marriage (or is too young), this book still has a lot of value. Don explores a great deal of male and female nature which every man should know. Truthfully, there is a lot in there for pretty much any Christian man to find something educational and edifying.
As Don explained it to me:
I have yet to find a book this size (or any other size for that matter) that shows how gender relations work in the framework of a contract between the sexes, and how that contract was built upon how God designed men and women. This book also tackles the wage gap myth, MGTOW, and “manning up” – all key topics that men today need to be aware of, whether they are looking to get married or not.The church today largely doesn’t understand these issues, so they are blaming men (and single men especially) for the breakdown in the system. We need to get this message to the men of the church so that change can come from informed believers within.
While this book is not an exhaustive treatise on everything a Christian man should do or know, it does serve as an effective primer and “wake-up call” for the average Christian man. It provides a good, basic explanation of socio-sexual behavior that will be helpful to nearly anyone. So I strongly recommend it to those who are new to this part of the web or who haven’t ever heard this kind of message before.
For those interested in a paper copy as a gift, it is sold via Amazon.


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13 responses to “The Gift Of Advice

  1. I just read the online version. Good stuff; avuncular, you might say. I’m getting the dead tree version for my 16-year-old son!

    [DG: A gift he will thank you for later, trust me. What I would have given to know at that age what I know now…]

  2. Hank Flanders

    The link to download the PDF doesn’t seem to work.

  3. Check your browser settings Hank. It worked for me and a few others.

  4. ballista74

    yeah, if it helps, right click/save as won’t work. You have to just click the link and then save it from whatever you end up with from there.

    That said, I don’t know if the author reads my blog as well to be able to see it if/when it happens, but once I get my back-log of posts knocked down (long story), a review of his book will be forthcoming sometime soon. Hopefully.

  5. Hank Flanders

    OK, thanks. I don’t think it’s going to work on this computer. I’ll have to download it from a different one.

  6. The Person No One Likes

    Sounds like an interesting book. Looks like he kept an open mind about things. Helpful as always.

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  10. Anchorman

    Very interesting book. About two years ago, I put a book out for Red Pill fathers to train their sons to be husbands and fathers. Free Northerner reviewed it.

    Though published, I really want to re-write parts and add new material, in part because of reviews and in part because I’ve come to learn and develop more fatherhood strategies over the past two years. It would make a good follow-up to this book. It seems to take the baton and run with the question, “I’m a dad. Now what?”

  11. Anchorman

    Also, if read as a supplement to this book, I could trim out a lot of the intro stuff and really compartmentalize the book to focus on developing father/husband skills. I really wanted my book to focus on build/repair skills, rather than theoretical.

    Instead of extolling the virtue of being a dad who leads devotions, for example, I’d lay out a method to develop nightly devotions in a house, to help guys who didn’t have the upbringing and may be flat-footed or feel overwhelmed.

    I also plan to release it for free download.

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