A Solution to Beta Orbiting?

Apparently there is an anti-biotic which can be used help men protect themselves from attractive women. Some Japanese researchers set up a trust game which involved giving money to women with the potential of a 3 to 1 return, and then gave half of the men a placebo and half the drug minocycline. The results:

As shown, men who were taking placebo offered about 50% of their money in the trust game to women of “low attractiveness,” while they gave 65% of their money to women of “high attractiveness.” Men receiving a regimen of minocycline gave about 50% to both groups of women.

The article suggests that it might be a useful drug for businessmen to take when engaging an attractive female, but I can think of a better use. Give this drug to every Beta Orbiter out there so he can be released from the spell of an attractive female, and realize that he is being used as a disposable appliance by his orbitee. It might also be useful for a man looking to get married, to take it before proposing, to ensure that he is thinking rationally and it isn’t a huge mistake. Any other uses I am missing?


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7 responses to “A Solution to Beta Orbiting?

  1. Deep Strength

    Slip it in your soon-to-be-married friend’s drink and then have a serious talk with him?

    This is just interaction on a more superficial level though. I would like to see this done on men who are in a relationship.

  2. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    That is indeed a very useful drug….

  3. Retrenched

    If this stuff really works, you just know that women will find some pretext to lobby Congress and get it banned.

  4. What could possibly make you think that women would do something like that…?

  5. Now you tell me. Where were you last Friday?


    [ /end shameless self-pimping ]

  6. You mean for Allamagoosa’s sake? I’m not sure that minocycline works on women the same way…

  7. Heh. Yeah, it’s too late for her now, the poor lass.

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