Some Thoughts on Sin

I’ve been busy lately, and haven’t had time to blog much. Perhaps in a few days I will be able to get back into the flow, but there is one topic that has been on my mind: Sin.

One of the major topics in the Christian manosphere has always been the fact that “Churchian” culture tends to overlook or ignore the Temporal consequences of sin. Somehow the lasting and lingering effects of sin upon our lives here on Earth don’t get mentioned, instead God’s forgiveness and mercy seem to get all the attention. Unfortunately, too many Christians seem to think that because God has forgiven us for our sins we won’t suffer here on Earth because of what we have done. To say that this belief has unfortunate consequences is an understatement of epic proportions. As I was thinking on this phenomenon it occurred to me that there are really three “types” of sins:

1) Sins that have little to no lasting temporal effects up us or upon others. (An example might be using the LORD’s name in vain).

2) Sins that have lasting temporal effects upon us, but usually not upon others (The sin of gluttony would be a good example).

3) Sins that have lasting temporal effects that affect us and other people. (The sins of Adultery or Murder would fit here).

[The key word in all three categories is lasting]

I know that Biblical scholars and theologians have explored this subject ad nauseam, and I rather doubt that I can add anything to the discussion of sin that hasn’t been addressed before. But I think that pointing out the different categories of sins can help those of us in this part of the internet when we try and explain the harm that Churchian culture is causing in the West. Because what appears to be the norm amongst Churchians now is that they are treating all sins as falling into category 1. This is done by explaining that if someone sins and hurts another, then all that person has to do is forgive the sinner and there will be no lasting consequences. Everything will be forgotten and everyone can keep moving forward with life. Unfortunately, those of us in the manosphere know that some sins have effects that persist irrespective of whether someone seeks forgiveness or not.

From my own perspective this seems to be more of a problem with Protestants than with Catholics or Orthodox in the West, but even the latter two sub-sets of Christianity are not free from this perversion of doctrine. The reason why I mention all of this is because I think this particular bit of Christian teaching is one that might be easier to fix than other problems in the Church. The feminization of the Church is pervasive, and while this shift in understanding might be a product of that transformation, it is largely detached from it. So it poses something of an opportunity for Christians in the West to start repairing the damage to the Church without having to confront the enemy head-on. We have to start somewhere, and this is as good a place as any.

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