Saturday Saints- #20

We have now come to the letter S for our saints, and so today’s saint is Saint Sabbas the Sanctified:

Saint Sabbas the Sanctified (439–532), a Cappadocian-Greek monk, priest and saint, lived mainly in Palaestina Prima. He was the founder of several monasteries, most notably the one known as Mar Saba. The Saint’s name is derived from Aramaic סַבָּא (sabba’) meaning “old man”.

When he was seventeen years old he received monastic tonsure. After spending ten years at the monastery of Bishop Flavian, he went to Jerusalem, and from there to the monastery of Saint Euthymius the Great. But Euthymius sent Sabbas to Abba Theoctistus, the head of a nearby monastery with a strict cenobitic rule. Sabbas lived in obedience at this monastery until the age of thirty.

…Patriarch Salustius of Jerusalem ordained him in 491 and appointed him archimandrite of all the monasteries in Palaestina Prima in 494. Sabbas composed the first monastic rule of church services, the so-called Jerusalem Typikon, for guidance of all the Byzantine monasteries. He died in the year 532. His feast day is on December 5.

For those interested in learning more about Saint Sabbas, the full wiki contains more about his life. While a life as a monk is not something I am called to as a vocation, I have a lot of respect for those who pursue it. The dedication and discipline involved are incredible, and I admire the fullness of faith and commitment to God that someone like Sabbas exerted throughout his long, pious life.

St. Sabbas

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