Saturday Saints- #13

Today’s saint goes back towards the beginning of the Church, when the Romans still persecuted the faithful.

Lucia of Syracuse (283–304), also known as Saint Lucy, or Saint Lucia (Italian Santa Lucia), was a young Christian martyr who died during the Diocletianic Persecution. She is venerated as a saint by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox Churches. She is one of eight women, who along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, are commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass. Her feast day, known as Saint Lucy’s Day, is celebrated in the West on 13 December. St. Lucia of Syracuse was honored in the Middle Ages and remained a well-known saint in early modern England.

[You can find the full wiki article here. ]

While little is known of Saint Lucia, she has been a popular saint for many centuries. Given her embodiment of charity and chastity, it is only fitting that she is associated with light and the bright eyes that are so characteristic of Godly Femininity.


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2 responses to “Saturday Saints- #13

  1. femininebutnotfeminist

    This saint fascinates me… the extreme lengths she was willing to take to ensure her chastity was kept, having sworn her virginity to God and to give her dowry to the poor… wow. Just wow.

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