Looking for The One- Link Compilation

This post will serve as compilation of all of the links that I can find and that are brought to my attention concerning how to find a good wife. They will be divided into two categories: Christian and secular. I will update it as time passes.



Dalrock on Interviewing a prospective wife Part 1 and Part 2



Pick the Right Wife

How to find a Wife


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10 responses to “Looking for The One- Link Compilation

  1. FatOldBroad

    Strictly speaking, Ian isn’t secular. He’s a neopagan (don’t know the exact denomination).

  2. Deep Strength

    Ah, thanks for the heads up.

  3. I should probably change it to “Secular/Non-Christian” then.

  4. Deep Strength


    Another link although more on the technical side. Good questions to ask to see if her faith is rooted in the right place instead of emotions.


  5. I’ve seen his work before. It is always top notch, but Wintery Knight is clearly several standard deviations from the norm in intelligence, and that clouds his thinking somewhat. Very few women would possess the necessary mindset, knowledge or inclination to be able to ask or answer that level of questioning. Indeed, very few men would be up to that task.

    I do like his approach, in that you want to get down to the fundamentals of what people believe in. I just think he gets too technical.

  6. Deep Strength

    I somewhat agree. I’ve read up into apologetics fairly deeply in the past and even I had some trouble answering some of the questions that were on there. A couple I had no clue on.

    Still, more sources of potential questions and knowledge to vet a female is always a good thing.

  7. http://winteryknight.wordpress.com/2013/06/23/how-to-marry-a-christian-man-a-checklist-for-women-to-prepare-for-marriage/ I just read this person’s post on a checklist of questions to prepare for marriage. While it was excellently written and well thought-out, I do admit to feeling slightly overwhelmed. I feel I should have gone to university to be able to answer half of those questions satisfactorily. I am of course 100% against abortion, but I wouldn’t be able to go into much depth on the topic of fetal development, or have any experience counselling a post-abortive woman. I also don’t know so much about Science, I try to spend more time studying the Bible than Science. I feel I maybe need to start reading about a broader range of topics and pray for understanding and knowledge if this is what men really require in a wife. Wow, feeling slightly inadequate with my domestic skills now as they seem to be not good enough upon seeing this long list of other necessary traits, not everybody is so intelligent to know these things. I can admit to that, I am not incapable of learning by any means, but the topics of science has never been my strong point.

  8. I wouldn’t worry too much, I think that Wintery Knight went overboard with his questions. A perfect example of how sometimes intelligence isn’t the same thing as wisdom.

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