Those Who Really Get It And Those Who Really Don’t

One of the things that I have noticed over the years, but haven’t really addressed in this blog, is how certain professions seem to be rather extreme in their “red pill” or “blue pill” viewpoints. By that I mean that members of this profession are rarely “in the middle” when it comes to their understanding of human nature. They either really get it, or they are completely clueless about it. The two that come to mind right away are cops and priests.

I have a few friends who are police officers, or are otherwise connected to law enforcement, plus some I know through church. And they fit this profile perfectly. There is one former cop whom I am familiar with who, to best of my knowledge, has never heard of the ‘sphere. And yet he gets women better than almost any non-Spherian I have ever met. Correct observations, correct analysis. The works.

At the same time I have encountered cops who were the biggest White Knights you would ever encounter outside works of romantic fiction. Always blame men and defend women? Check? Pretend women aren’t running wild? Check. And the list goes on. The messed up aspect of all this is that they often would make correct observations. Or at least be exposed to events which should show the truth.

With priests I have noticed the same. Some are very much attuned to “real” human nature, especially of women. And others are the biggest excusers of it that you can find.

I am curious what my readers, if there are any of you left, that is, think of all of this. What are you theories?

My own theory is that people like cops and priests, since they are exposed to the nittiest and grittiest of human behavior, can’t really ignore everything they are exposed to. They have to try and make sense of the madness of it all. But for many, the conclusions reached by a “red pill” analysis are too bitter a pill to swallow. They don’t want to accept everything that comes with a full recognition of reality. So they retreat to the mental and emotional safety that “blue pill” thinking provides. Say what you will, but that kind of mentality demands much less of a man than acknowledging the truth does. At least, that is my operative theory.



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5 responses to “Those Who Really Get It And Those Who Really Don’t

  1. Ame

    moving from blue-pill thinking to red-pill thinking is such a huge paradigm shift. i’ve noticed that most people do not make such huge changes until living the way they are is more painful that making the change.

  2. To put it simply. …


  3. Novaseeker

    I think when you are in a profession like those that gets an up close and personal view of some of the least savory aspects of human behavior on a daily basis, you are kind of “forced” to come up with a way to “deal” with that. A percentage of folks who are exposed to that can observe it as ‘real’ and take a more reality-based view of human nature and behavior, but many other folks will cling to a more idealized view of human behavior, precisely because to not do so in the face of constant exposure to human misbehavior would trigger “despair” nodes inside of them that are very uncomfortable to trigger. This is no small thing, I think. There are some people who can see things in a clear-eyed way without giving in to despair, but I think there are many more people who cannot, and therefore need a blue pill type view to feel well in the world despite the dreck they are exposed to.

  4. Lexet Blog

    Imagine working for 20 years and finally realizing you could have been 30% more efficient at your job.

    It’s painful to admit you are wrong, let alone work in an environment that is messed up.

    It’s easier to pretend the world works well, and is nice, and just do your job. It mitigates problems you have to worry about, and you don’t have to worry about things beyond your control.

    Choosing to see the world for what it is is very dangerous, because you must learn what is or isn’t in your control, and what really matters.

  5. smkoseki

    Interesting post. Comments:

    1. I agree police & priests are confronted with the stark reality of female bad behavior. And I agree, they must either accept reality or find bizarre ways to explain/ignore it. But I don’t think this is unlike any other human thought process, and I don’t find either of these professions or people in general good at seeking truth, period. And neither profession are very high-IQ. And neither are “reality” professions; they are “in the head” types, creating their own reality with little consequence for failure.

    2. Better professions for accepting female reality: engineering and psychology. Engineers because they must deal with physical reality or fail so are used to demanding truth, plus they have higher-IQ. Psychologists are lower-IQ but they must deal with women up-close, and unlike engineers cannot just “ignore” the data at their work they gotta deal with it. But again, too many are simply dumb (low IQ) and women (self-biased). But both these professions should do better IMO (in general). With the caveat 95+% of people don’t value truth at all no matter the profession.

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