May The Farce Be With You

I made the mistake of seeing the new “Star Wars” movie this weekend. Oops. TLDR version for my readers: don’t watch it.

****Spoilers**** [Minor ones, not that it really matters much]



So what made the movie awful? Lets see:

  • It wasn’t Star Wars. It didn’t feel like Star Wars, and the characters basically didn’t act as if they were in Star Wars. Even the Force Awakens felt more like Star Wars than this. What they did to Luke Skywalker was a sick joke.
  • It was yet another hackneyed repeat plot from the original trilogy. Force Awakens stole from A New Hope, and this stole from Empire Strikes Back. Only badly.
  • The only half-way competent male in the entire movie was the chief villain. And I emphasize half-way competent. That is all he got. Every other male was an abject failure, save perhaps one who was maybe a quarter competent at the very end. They basically accomplished nothing at best, and in many instances made things worse.
  • The female characters, on the other hand, were awesome. They were the only clever or successful characters besides the villain. Basically, what they set out to do, they accomplished.
  • The protagonist slash heroine was super-awesome. She basically exhibited one flaw in the entire movie- being too trusting of the good of others. And of course it all worked out fine in the end.
  • Speaking of her, she is the perfect glaring example of how the creators of this movie don’t know Star Wars at all. She basically upends all notions of how the Force, Light Side and everything works. She is a woman, and so cannot do wrong.
  • I could go on and talk about the huge plot holes which filled the movie like swiss cheese, but that would force this page to run on and on. I will spare my readers the half-hour + it would take to cover them.

In truth, what Star Wars has become is sadly easy to see now: yet another damned Disney Princess movie. That is what it is. The heroine is a Disney Princess, and everyone else exists to show how awesome she is (and by extension empowered women). Frankly, the movie screams that it was written by what Vox Day would call a “Gamma Male”; in other words a male feminist with daddy issues and a fear of “toxic masculinity.”

So in recap, don’t watch this garbage film.

*Yes, I know the name and probably the content is unoriginal. But I felt this post deserved as much originality as the film displayed.


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13 responses to “May The Farce Be With You

  1. I was keen on not paying money to Disney. However, the kid in I just couldn’t resist seeing Luke Skywalker one more time in a theatre.

    If you value your childhood image of Luke Skywalker, save your money. Mark even warned us: “This is not going to go how you think.”

  2. Yes, I know the name and probably the content is unoriginal. But I felt this post deserved as much originality as the film displayed.


    And surely deserved.

  3. stmichaelkozaki

    Two comments:
    1) Isn’t paying for a Disney movie akin to aiding and abetting the enemy? Heh, I’d have to shower afterward. Nah, a bath. And scrub hard. But I understand the urge to watch a train wreck…it’s impossible to turn away…
    2) Listen to the Stefan Molyneux podcast of it; he believes the movie unwittingly describes the decline of the West and white males. Powerful stuff. Disney feminism seriously bores me but the culture that creates this disaster? And why? Worth looking at. And I think Stephan nails it. I’d love to see your analysis of Stephan’s view:

    Good to see ya posting. Have a blessed Advent. Pray for us. We’ll say a few for you.

  4. fuzziewuzziebear

    Farm Boy already covered this at my usual haunt. He was more generous. As a matter of fact, his the kindest review I have read.
    Music is good therapy and John Williams never fails.

  5. We didn’t plan to see the movie -the girl power thing was a huge turnoff- but our girls took upon themselves to buy tickets for the man and me without asking so we went with them.

    When it was over they asked what we thought of it and my husband said he thought it would be much worse. Or maybe it just wasn’t as bad because it wasn’t his money.

  6. Yoda

    Killed Admiral Ackbar they did.
    Replaced him with a women the result it was.
    Other than that, up the yugo-girl stuff they did not.
    Perhaps win by “increments” they will

  7. When I heard that Disney bought the rights to “Star Wars” from Lucas, I was dismayed because I knew that they would ruin it with their ‘Princess Perfect’ and “Girl Powahh” propaganda. I can see that I was right from the very beginning.
    I’ve not watched any of Disney’s ‘productions’ ever since, and I never will.
    I’m VERY glad that I never married and never fathered any children, because they will not be doomed to existence in the Leftist/feminist sewer that Western culture has become.
    My fondest wish is that I will live to see all of our Leftist/feminist enemies completely defeated and destroyed, utterly and all.

  8. anonymous_ng

    The last movie I went to see was John Wick 2, and it was horrible, campy Russian bad guys at the beginning, a super human JW, and then at the end, JW versus everyone, but he’s going to win so we can have a third movie.

    Before that was Assassin’s Creed which wasn’t far off from the games even if they got the whole original sin thing wrong.

    I got bored with the Marvel Universe movies, and they were the closest to good movies lately of any. I didn’t see Captain America: Civil War, haven’t seen a Star Wars or Star Trek movie in a while, I just don’t care to be preached at, and lectured, and to pay for the privilege.

  9. dvdivx

    Disney and the tribe ruined Star Wars from the first movie Disney made with it. Makes you long for Jar Jar Binks. Hell a Star Wars with a sith Jar Jar could have been MUCH better than the crap Disney spat out.

  10. I have no choice but to see SW next week. My family already bought me a ticket and they’re all going. They must not remember my Rogue Fun monologue.

    Can’t Red Pill them without ammo.

  11. Novaseeker

    welp good to know I made the right call by abstaining.

    A friend of mine who is very blue pill even disliked it (“the Luke Skywalker sucks, what they did with the character sucks, the new heroine is flat and boring and sucks” and so on). So it doesn’t sound like I’m missing much.

    It was always very obvious when it was revealed from the last one that they intended to make SW very, very, very feminist with the new trilogy, and so that’s what they’ve done. Oh well. More time for classical music. The performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Kennedy Center was quite good last weekend — and I suspect far better than sitting in front of this schlock would have been.

  12. Dabir Dalton

    Well at least the special effects were good and the music score was great. Princess Leia lost her nerve and recalled the bombers Poe kept his and continued the mission – if he hadn’t Leia would have gotten them all killed before they could have escaped. In the force awakens it was all right for wannabe Vader to kill his father but in the last jedi he just couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger and kill his mother. Leia’s vice admiral was an incompetent bitch who likes to demonstrate her power over men. She just stood there watching the shuttles being blown up one by one until the light went off in her head only to demonstrate how bad a pilot she was by giving wannabe vader’s ship a glancing blow. Ultimately Leia led her ragtag resistance group into a trap and would have been destroyed if Luke and Chewie hadn’t showed up to save the day. Yep once again incompetent female gets saved by a real man who as usual died in the end saving her butt. The film is feminist propaganda – we do live in the age of the goddess after all – but (even though unintentionally) it does showcase why no civilization headed by women ever made it out of the stone age.

  13. @Dabir,

    I’ll probably go your route for next week’s new monologue. Star Wars: Female Backseat Driver!

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