Misunderstanding The Motive Force

I have thus far stayed away from the “flag controversy”, but with today’s post  I will touch on it a bit. [My next post might be even more on point.] Scott examines the so called “narrative collapse” over at his blog and notes that “Narrative collapse” is not working. The key part of his post is this here:

 Colin Kaepernick started this whole thing–based on his own comments on social media–as a solidarity gesture with folks like BLM and the whole “hands up, don’t shoot” crowd.

But that entire narrative has been shown over and over to be false. So exactly what “racism” was Colin Kaepernick “noticing?”

And this is why the latest rhetorical device of gentile mainstream “conservatives” pointing out “narrative collapse” is failing. It appeals to an objective standard of truth that can be known irrespective of race, ethnicity, etc. But the other side does not care about any of that. Therefore, there is no authoritative source of truth that can be appealed to show, definitively that there is no epidemic of “racist” white cops gunning down innocent black kids in the street while they surrender. “Hands up don’t shoot!” is impervious to reason and facts.

The last sentence is key. The reason that the narrative in question is immune to reason and facts is because it isn’t based on reason and facts. The motive force behind this burgeoning movement is not reason or logic, but rather emotions and feelings. Anger, fear, envy, etc.; those emotions drive the movement.

Unfortunately, this is something that so called “mainstream conservatives” fail to understand. Now, don’t get me wrong, conservatives and liberals alike are all caught in the gravity well of the black hole that is liberalism. However, from my experience (and those of others), conservatives tend to be more fact oriented. However, most conservatives (being clueless in ways beyond count) don’t grasp this. Perhaps they do intellectually, when they stop to consider it. But most of the time they don’t get it.

This is why the idea of a “narrative collapse” will not work. The “narrative” isn’t collapsing because while facts might be changing, the emotions and feelings are not. As long as people feel the way they do, facts won’t matter. If forced to confront them, people will simply call them lies and the product of deception. Because, after all, it isn’t facts which are real- it is emotions and feelings.


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2 responses to “Misunderstanding The Motive Force

  1. Everyone should be suspicious of the current narratives, which are hyped up and exaggerated by the media. If there’s any narrative to question, it’s the media’s. Then you ask, who’s narrative is it? Is it the narrative of the small subsets from both “sides” (which is also a false narrative), or is it a true reflection of what people see and believe at large?

  2. Novaseeker

    When identity and politics are linked, as they are today largely and for almost everyone really, and when politics has increasingly become the de facto religion for many people (even many “religious” people) in our culture, what you end up with is a culture of narrative over reason, really. It can’t be avoided under these circumstances.

    For most people the kind of expression Kaepernick and the rest are engaging in is a quasi-religious act, because it is a political expression associated with their identity — it is in our culture probably the most “sacred” (quite literally) form of expression currently, and far more so than any religious expression, which most see as hokey or trite or insincere or bigoted or what have you. And the core of that religious act, that sacred act, is the expression of one’s personal narrative of identity. It does not have to be objectively true — it simply needs to be authentically felt, in order to qualify as being sacred in its “truthiness” in our culture, one which has largely substituted authenticity or, “truth to oneself”, for actual truth, never mind Truth.

    Welcome to the present!

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