Saturday Saints- #134

We are at Y now, and running low on saints with matching names. Today’s saint is Saint Ywi, also known as saint Iwig:

Iwig (alternatively, Iwi, Iwigius, or Ywi of Lindisfarne) was a saint venerated in Wiltshire in the Middle Ages. He was reputedly a Northumbrian monk, said to have died and to have been buried in Brittany. Historian David Dumville called him “the other principal saint of Wilton”, in reference to Saint Eadgyth. He was supposedly a follower (alumnus) of Saint Cuthbert.

He is listed in two 11th-century litanies. A narrative of this century claimed that his relics had been brought to Wilton Abbey by Breton monks in the 10th-century, and left for safe-keeping at the altar of Saint Eadgyth. The narrative claims that the relics subsequently became immovable [through the wish of the saint to reside there], though historian John Blair suspected that this story may have been invented to justify Wilton’s theft of the relics.

His feast day was celebrated on 8 October. The Priory of Ivychurch in Wiltshire is thought to have been named after him.


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  1. stmichaelkozaki

    Just wanted to contribute that Iwi took his ship without destination. Plan: evangelize where it landed (Brittany) and he was a hermit who ended up with the gift of healing by miracle. It’s amazing how his life lives on to this very day through tradition more than historical records. Makes me want to have a conversion…memory of me won’t outlive my pixels…

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