Resuming Broadcasting

I have returned from my unofficial absence/sabbatical. I originally planned on only being gone for a week or two, but eventually stretched it to over a month. Partially because life kept getting in the way, and partially because I have felt for some time that this blog has become un-anchored.

My suspicion is that much of it is internal- I am trying to orient myself right now because I don’t feel that I am doing what I should. Deep Strength has a recent post where he talks about how you should “Do you job.” I found it timely, because I am less sure than I have been in a long time about what, exactly, my job is. Not my secular job- that is fine. Rather, it is my vocation- my calling to serve the Lord.

So much of my blogging energy will be directed towards examining that, in addition to my usual fare. In the meantime, I hope to get some regular posts up starting in the next few days.



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2 responses to “Resuming Broadcasting

  1. Ame

    “What is my Purpose” is a HUGE question. i’m facing that myself in different ways as my oldest will no longer need me as much before long … yet i still don’t know how long my youngest/aspie-girl will need me. so i’m a bit past the middle of my life wondering what my continued purpose will be. i understood being a full-time SAHW/M, but those roles are no longer as full-time as they used to be.

    if interested, there’s a good, free, online spiritual gifts test here: it’s been quite a few years since i’ve taken it but am assuming it’s still good.

    may you find peace and wisdom in Holy God as you pursue this course in this season of your life.

  2. MK

    Glad to see you back!
    Two watchwords for me: urgency & commitment. Urgency since time and opportunity are racing by. Commitment; e.g. Columbus found the New World while looking for India & it’s better to stay the course even if uncertain of the direction.

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