Shoot The Messenger

Dalrock has been on a roll lately in his take down of one “Pastor Wilson.” See the two most recent posts, here and here.  The most recent post was inspired, in part, by an attempt to defend Wilson from those assailing him. The thing is, I can understand why someone might defend him. At least from a Protestant perspective, he is normally pretty good about standing up for (Protestant notions) of the Truth. Most of what he teaches is close, or even spot on. One might be tempted to argue that we shouldn’t tear him apart if he manages to get one or two things wrong.

However, this defense is misplaced. The fact that someone like him gets so close and yet fails is what makes him dangerous. How so?

Well, to begin with he makes the errors he defends seem that much more reasonable to the unaware. After all, if Wilson defends something, and since he is such a stand up guy, it has to be correct, right? The fact that he is right, say, 95% of the time means that people will be more likely to accept that 5% of error without thinking.

Second, he makes it harder to actually defend or teach the truth. Opponents (feminists, etc.) can point out to him, and say something along the lines of “even Pastor Wilson disagrees with what you are saying.” Thus they can push anyone who tries to tell the truth out of the periphery, labeling them as “truly extreme.”

There are probably other reasons as well which I am forgetting, but both of those suffice for the situation. Keep in mind also that these are not periphery issues. Rebellion, especially female rebellion, is one of the principal crises afflicting the church right now. It can only be solved when it is fulled exposed and explained. And messengers like Wilson are getting in the way of that.

I believe that until men like Wilson are dealt with, there really is no chance of “fixing” what is wrong with the Church in the West. Unless they are converted to the truth, or cast down from their high places, they will be effective obstacles to reform. Of course, my readers can offer their own thoughts on the manner. I encourage them to do so, as I wonder if others share these views.

[Much of this post is more oriented towards Protestants than it is Catholic or Orthodox Christians. But everyone is free to chime in.]


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9 responses to “Shoot The Messenger

  1. anonymous_ng

    I’ll admit that my knowledge of church history is spotty, but as I understand things, those first ecumenical councils met to define the boundaries of what constituted Christianity. Along with that, they also had the organizational power, social power, and state power by which they were able to stamp out heresies that were contrary to the results of those meetings.

    For good or ill, no church in the West has that kind of power, so any person or group can hang the label of Christian on themselves or on another regardless of their beliefs or creed. It may be that the church in Russia has that level of power now. IDK, and it seems that in the Arab world, some sects of Islam might have that kind of power.

    Thus, in the modern age, Wilson self-certifies that he is Christian, and the word that he preaches is Christian, and there is no standard to which he must abide under penalty.

    SO, I don’t see how you “fix” things.

  2. Neguy

    I agree and have made the same point about other big name theologically conservative teachers in the complementarian sphere. I don’t think they need to be cast down, but their high reputations for orthodoxy make them in a sense more dangerous than openly modernistic theologians. With the latter you know what you are getting and probably chose it for that reason. With the former you don’t.

  3. DJ

    Salvation is never by general consenses each individual Christian must work out their salvation personally with God. Doesnt matter what any one else says or does on judgement day each of us stands alone before the Lord no excuses.

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  5. MK

    DJ, Salvation is never by general consenses each individual Christian must work out their salvation personally with God. Doesnt matter what any one else says or does on judgement day.

    I don’t know if you place stock in the bible (many today don’t) but if so Jesus says something very different when speaking to the apostles (Church): If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.”

  6. John Q. Public

    Oh, please, you’re Catholic! What are you going to do to fix Pope Francis? He does more harm in a day than Wilson does in a lifetime. There is a tiny, tiny minority of Americas who care what the Federal Vision guys think. There are a billion Catholics. You can’t do anything to fix it, because the Catholic Church is a monarchy, and the guy in charge is like Ludwig of Bavaria.

  7. There may be a billion Catholics, but I suspect they give as little attention to Francis on matters of worry as Americans give to Wilson.

    And I used Wilson as an example- the point was to address pastors like him generally. He is not unique, which was what the post was about.

    As for fixing the Catholic Church, I will be the first to say it has a lot of problems right now. Fortunately, there are self-corrective forces in play now which will (God willing) solve most of the problems. If you aren’t Catholic and in touch, I doubt you would recognize them.

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