A Note On Comments Policy

I tend to be fairly lenient when it comes to comments. Probably too lenient at points, especially when people bring stuff from other blogs over here. However, I do have some limits. I posted earlier in the year about this subject. Here is what I said was not permitted:

  1. Obscenity or excess profanity. The latter is sometimes appropriate, but most of the time is unnecessary. Keep it clean, or keep it elsewhere.
  2. Link dumping to your own blog. If you have your own blog, that is great. Feel free to link it on occasion,  or when you have a post worth reading. But linking to your homepage every comment is irksome and will get you banned.
  3. A lack of civility. One can challenge the ideas of another while still keeping it civil. If anything, this is easier with the internet, because you don’t have the other person right in front of you getting in your face. Take the time to be respectful, even if you think the other person doesn’t deserve it.
  4. Sock Puppets. Just don’t do it. Use one ID, and keep at it. If you need to switch, e-mail me to let me know. You can find my e-mail in the About page.
  5. Linking to harmful or obscene websites. Nothing more need be said.
  6. Lying about what I or other commenters have said. Feel free to critique myself or the other readers all you want. Just don’t misrepresent what folks are actually saying. This is a pet peeve of mine, and will get you banned.
  7. Extreme or excessive off-topic comments. Posts are meant to discuss specific topics, and just those topics. If you want to talk about something else, use another blog (such as your own), or petition for a post on that/those subject(s).

I am going to add or modify this a bit, with a new addition:

8. No troll names. It doesn’t have to be creative, but using your name to troll me, or my readers, and you will be banned. Use John or Jane Doe if you want.

I mention this because I got several comments recently from someone who hadn’t shown up before. And the name used was basically a troll name- “Provide logical supporting evidence for your conclusions, please.” If that commenter wants to try again with a different name, he or she is free to do so. But please folks, nothing like that.


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6 responses to “A Note On Comments Policy

  1. fuzziewuzziebear

    I am glad that I missed whatever brought this on and even happier that I did not not participate.

  2. Sounds like a living example of 1 Timothy 1:9, “Law is only for lawbreakers”. Normal people don’t need this kind of regulation.

  3. The comments never went through, so there was nothing to miss. Truth be told, they weren’t bad. However, the name was asking for trouble. Hence, why I invited the commenter to comment again, under a different name.

  4. You would think Gunner. I mean, as I told Fuzzie, the comment itself wasn’t bad, but the name was just over the top.

  5. seeking knowledge

    Hey there, it’s me…sorry about that, I’m new to commenting in general, as well as to your blog specifically…so I didn’t know that was a troll name… Heh, I actually thought really hard about it…I was trying to use a name that would say something about who I am and what I value most…but in hindsight, I can see why you wouldn’t allow it on your blog…it was pretty snarky… The snarkiness wasn’t even directed at you, though – I had just read a post on Ace’s blog that you had linked to, and I was incensed by what I perceived to be some blatantly flawed logic, and then after posting a comment there, when I came back to comment on your original post, that name was still pre-populated and I just left it… Now I’m kicking myself for not changing it, but all I can say is that I’m not the most socially experienced person, to say the least, heh… Gunner is right that I’m not “normal”, I’ve always been one of the weird ones…but I certainly wasn’t trying to come across as an ill-intentioned lawbreaker. :-\
    Anyway, I hope the name I used this time is acceptable. I would like to try to post those other comments again, but unfortunately I didn’t save the content once I saw them on the webpages (with a note that they were pending moderation), and they aren’t showing on the webpages anymore. The fact that they were so long emboldens me to ask if you might be so kind as to email them back to me, if you happen to still have them in some kind of comment moderation archives (if there is such a thing)? I’m assuming you have access to see the email address I’m entering for this comment, even though it says it won’t be made public. But if you don’t have the comment contents anymore, or if it’s too much trouble to search for them, don’t worry about it. Thanks either way.

  6. This name works perfectly well. If you want to repeat the old ones, go ahead. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me, provided they follow those guidelines.

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