Brief Update

I have found myself pretty busy lately, and posting has suffered as a result. This will continue for at least the next week, if not two. So during that time period don’t be surprised if I only write a weekend post or two.

in the meantime, while this is going on I am going to start to finally write my final “Market Analysis” post. The subject will be “parental malpractice,” one that I’ve meant to write for a very long time. Hopefully it will prove worth the wait.

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One response to “Brief Update

  1. Kate

    Sounds like a very interesting topic! I just started a training course to teach Chastity Education, myself. I will be very curious to hear your views on parental roles in the marriage of their children. Also, (I’m assuming you have but it doesn’t hurt to mention) have you heard of the youtube channel “stay at home daughters”?

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