New Year, Same Rules

Since it has been some time since I’ve covered comment rules, I will take this opportunity to go over them again. As a general matter I tend to be fairly liberal in what I allow said, and by whom. However, certain things are prohibited, and will get you banned (or dumped in the spam filter without ever having a chance to get your comment visible). They are, in no uncertain order:

  1. Obscenity or excess profanity. The latter is sometimes appropriate, but most of the time is unnecessary. Keep it clean, or keep it elsewhere.
  2. Link dumping to your own blog. If you have your own blog, that is great. Feel free to link it on occasion,  or when you have a post worth reading. But linking to your homepage every comment is irksome and will get you banned.
  3. A lack of civility. One can challenge the ideas of another while still keeping it civil. If anything, this is easier with the internet, because you don’t have the other person right in front of you getting in your face. Take the time to be respectful, even if you think the other person doesn’t deserve it.
  4. Sock Puppets. Just don’t do it. Use one ID, and keep at it. If you need to switch, e-mail me to let me know. You can find my e-mail in the About page.
  5. Linking to harmful or obscene websites. Nothing more need be said.
  6. Lying about what I or other commenters have said. Feel free to critique myself or the other readers all you want. Just don’t misrepresent what folks are actually saying. This is a pet peeve of mine, and will get you banned.
  7. Extreme or excessive off-topic comments. Posts are meant to discuss specific topics, and just those topics. If you want to talk about something else, use another blog (such as your own), or petition for a post on that/those subject(s).

Those are just a few of the rules. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you have any questions about them feel free to ask in this post, or reach me via -email.



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12 responses to “New Year, Same Rules

  1. MK

    Just wanted to say “thanks” for keeping this blog going another year. You and Mrsktc win the gold star for Catholic blogging during 2016. I lift my glass.

    It’s mighty rare to find any traditional Christian smart and willing enough to discuss and “husband” the comments regarding our modern SMP and MMP. Your balance? Supreme. Patience? Impressive. I’ve learned a lot in 2016, both from your posts and the comments. I hope 2017 soldiers on in the same vein.

  2. @ MK

    I hope that I can keep it up. The truth is that it gets harder every year to add anything meaningful in this blog. it hasn’t helped that my own situation hasn’t improved any, either. That makes new content a lot harder to generate. I guess we will see.

  3. Novaseeker

    The truth is that it gets harder every year to add anything meaningful in this blog.

    That does happen in blogging. One way to deal with it is to perhaps scale down the entries a bit in terms of timing. You have your regular series on saints and scripture, but perhaps the other posts can be a bit less frequent.

  4. Happy New Year, donal.

  5. Lost Patrol

    Even if you decide to scale back here, I hope you won’t drop off the net entirely and we’ll still get the benefit of your commentary at Dalrock’s and other good sites.

  6. @ Novaseeker

    That is pretty much what has been happening. I foresee that continuing into the future as well.

    @ Deti


    @ Lost Patrol

    Don’t worry, I don’t intend to disappear at this point. If I do, it probably isn’t a good sign.

  7. I’m glad you’re still around. I haven’t forgotten your kind words several years ago in a tough patch.

  8. You are welcome, mate. We are all in this together, and need to look out for each other.

  9. The truth is that it gets harder every year to add anything meaningful in this blog.

    I thought I’d offer a word here. The key to finding meaning for you in blogging is always to find something that will stretch your own understanding. For most though, this is difficult, and for most long-term blogs I read, it ends up turning into either repetition or a nonsensical mess obscuring falsehoods.

    Not to mention, readers tend to look for the familiar that confirms their own biases instead of learning different perspectives. Especially, this gets difficult when you address a topic over multiple posts, as I’ve had to many times. Unfortunately, as I’ve found, seeking the formative red-pill leads into a “casting pearls before swine” situation – one reason why I haven’t posted as much as I could have. Simply put, people in the end hate love and the requisite truth that stems from it. The quest is always to find those who love the truth and are willing to hear it, sad to say, those are few and far between.

  10. Thanks for the words of wisdom Ballista.

    The quest is always to find those who love the truth and are willing to hear it, sad to say, those are few and far between.

    Indeed. One thing that is nice about these parts is that there are people here who are looking for the truth. We might not always agree on what it is, but I think many are earnestly seeking it.

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