The Necessity Of A Secret Identity

Post full title: Superheroes And The Necessity Of A Secret Identity From A “Red Pill” Perspective


[I enjoyed my last comic book post so much I decided to write another one. It should go without saying that this might be less than entirely serious.]

Not too long ago I had a conversation with a friend wherein the subject of superheroes came up. One of the things we talked about, that was interesting from a sociological perspective, was the effect that the presence of superheroes would have on general society. But what really got me thinking was to wonder what it would be like to actually be a superhero.

Oh, I’m not talking about what it would feel like to be able to fly, or have super strength or speed. No, what I was wondering about was the effects that superpowers and a superhero persona would have on someone’s everyday life. Would an everyday life be even possible? Maybe, but it might not be ordinary. Guess it depends.

There is one area of life, however, that would be dramatically affected by one’s superpowers and super-heroic persona: romance.

As I was pondering the impacts that being a super would have on one’s love life, I came to the realization that any hero, male or female, who wanted to marry would need a secret identity. I would go so far as to argue that in today’s climate a secret identity would be a necessity, even.

Why? Well, lets examine it for men and for women separately.

For men who don’t want to marry, and who otherwise don’t care about the possible benefits of a secret identity, then being an “open” Super would be quite a perk. The PSALM/LAMPS boost that a man would enjoy from being a super would have to be enormous. The Status alone would push you into the very top tier of men (unless powers were super-plentiful, I suppose). Then throw in a likely boost to Masculine Power from the confidence of super-powers, and possible athleticism boosts, and yeah… you are set. Oh, and you could probably make bank with endorsements, too. You would be the ultimate player.

But what if you want to marry? Well, here is the problem- that huge PSALM/LAMPS boost from being an open Super would make you a huge target for gold diggers and ultra-hypergamous women. [I imagine that female Supers would fall here.] Sure you might be able to get a 10… but will she stick by you? The thing about Supers is that their Status would probably fluctuate. Just like sports teams, some Supers might be seen as more “hot” at one time than at another. If your “stock” as a Super goes down then your attractiveness will drop (and your bankroll as well re: endorsements). This risks your wife leaving you if she is ultra-hypergamous and thinks she can find greener/fresher pastures elsewhere.

Besides all of the regular problems with divorce, any Supervillain foes you might have could possibly use that ex-wife as a source of info. She might blab all kinds of secrets that you don’t want out. Whether that is any kind of weakness (like kryponite), or merely something embarrassing, it could really hinder your heroics. Even if she didn’t leave you, she would be an obvious target for seduction. And lets face it, if anyone could pull off “Game”, it would be a Supervillain.

Heck, even if she doesn’t leave you, you might still need to constantly “game” her if she is “needy.” Since super-heroism is probably pretty demanding all the time, is that really worth it? I would say not.

Given all of this, a secret identity makes perfect sense. Setting aside all the other benefits, it means you can woo women without the danger they are marrying you just because of your powers. It also makes her less likely to blab your secrets, and reduces the potential of her being targeted for seduction by a foe.

Now on to women…

As a female Super, you would have a number of things to worry about as well. One thing worth mentioning is that the status of being a Super won’t be a boost to your attractiveness like it is with men. Since female attractiveness/beauty is nearly all physical, unless your powers affect your looks, it is a wash- at best.

The first issue that I can think of is that some male Super would marry you just to have super-powered children. That assumes it is genetic, of course. But if it is, then you risk being used as a breeder. Maybe it isn’t so malevolent, but still, there is always the possibility that he marries you just to marry a female super. Perhaps it is a family dynasty thing, like race can be.

Another issue is the concern over being perceived as an Alpha Widow. An open female Super who dated male Supers in the past will have trouble with non-Super men. And I mean trouble aside from her own hypergamy. The problem is that non-Super men might worry (reasonably, I might add) that they would have trouble competing with a male Super, either in terms of memories or future faithfulness.

A secret identity would protect against both problems. Men looking for genetic mothers of super-powered kids would skip you by. At the same time female Supers would be mostly insulated from the association of uber-Alphaness with male Supers and being able to compete.

I am sure there are more reasons to use a secret identity for both male and female super-heroes, so if my readers think of any feel free to add them below. Also feel free to critique my thoughts to your heart’s desire.


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10 responses to “The Necessity Of A Secret Identity

  1. Funny stuff here Donal. But still, would be very true if Superheroes and Supervillains really existed.

  2. An open female Super who dated male Supers in the past will have trouble with non-Super men.

    As a kid, I never got what Wonder Woman saw in Steve Trevor.

    The problem is that non-Super men might worry (reasonably, I might add) that they would have trouble competing with a male Super, either in terms of memories or future faithfulness.

    I want to say that was touched on in the Superman movies, but even if it wasn’t, it’s come up in the comics a number of times.

  3. Anyone who wants to see the concept of a secret identity explored from multiple angles, read Miracle Monday by Elliot S. Maggin. Along with different types of IDs, it takes the secret identity all the way to the endgame.

    [I didn’t realize until reading this post just HOW MUCH different takes on secret identities figure into the novel. One person isn’t even aware of their secret ID.]

    You can read it online here. The writing style might take a little getting used to, but I like it because it fills out the details of the world so well.

    Also, a very, very important real life writer makes an appearance.

  4. Ame

    this is just … awesome. even my kids can get into this!

    reminded me of the movie, True Lies.

  5. Leiff

    It doesn’t seem like you haven’t addressed the largest problem of being an open super in a romantic relationship with a normie. If you had a normie wife/husband and kids, any decently smart villain would attempt to kidnap them and use them against you. Even if you were had just been dating someone for a long enough time that they became known as your girlfriend/boyfriend that would put that person in danger. If anything happened to that person your stock as a super would plummet (much more for a male super though).

    As for romantic possibilities, let’s look at the Superfriends. Women would pick Superman first always. He’s the biggest strongest, fastest, can fly, and is nigh invulnerable. Then there is a long drop off to either Batman or Aquaman. Aquaman actually has super-powers and is a king, but is limited is his land-based activities which makes him kind of lame for terrestrial women who don’ want to live in Atlantis. Batman has no super powers, but is super cool and mysterious. But once women saw him without his mask on, he’d probable lose a lot of his cool points, though he is handsome and a billionaire. It’s be close to a wash between them for many women.

    Just about every guy on the planet wants to have sex with a girl who looks like Wonder woman, but without the super powers.WW has been recently powered up to being as powerful (or even more so) than Superman. The movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend had some fun (Ok movie, mostly meh) with the idea of a normie guy dating a super girl. It didn’t really workout so well.

  6. TWS

    If you are a top tier super like Superman or Captain Marvel, or super-normal like Batman or Shang Chi you’ll probably have enough alpha personality to keep any woman you want. Batman or Bruce Wayne just doesn’t need to worry. Guys in the mid tier like Cyclops, The Human Target or Speedy, they’re going to have to worry about a hypergamous woman both because they are mid-tier and because they lack the sheer force of personality.

    Wanting super children wouldn’t worry a woman. If she’s super she’s got half of the equation down and women usually get to pick who they have kids with.

    But a long term relationship for a top tier woman might be difficult if the super powers don’t work the way they do in the movies and tv. Virtually all female superheroes are drawn as sexy, beautiful, and alluring, the movies are all portrayed as pretty people. So if looks match the comics with a few notable exceptions, women will do fine in the looks department. But their powers will be off putting for most men. There’s quite a few things my wife does better than me. None of them infringe on the male dominated areas of our relationship. She isn’t stronger, faster, better at sports or martial arts. Can’t leap buildings in a single bound or fly.

    So if I am with Wonder Woman to say nothing about a skank like Jessica Jones I have to worry that I am not masculine enough and that I can measure up. What can I do that the Flash, Wolverine (extreme stamina), or Supes can’t do? Like the poor boxer I am wondering how can I measure up.

    Let’s say I am with Miss Marvel. Pretty, smart, modest, can lift a continental shelf or fly into the sun. I know she’s been raised right, goes to Church, is honest, but I am still thinking if stuff gets real, with Doctor Sivana showing up at the door I need to run with the kids to our ‘Doom Shelter’ while the wife deals with the problem. What husband wants to send his wife into danger? That goes against every instinct every cultural norm a man has. Someone is knocking on our door at midnight, I’m answering it not my wife. Most men are hardwired that way.

    Now lets say I am with White Canary from Arrow, I know she’s promiscuous, bisexual, has no regard for marriage or relationships to say nothing of societal norms. Unless I am in it for sex and a pretty face on my arm at the superhero parties, I just don’t want her long term. Either she’ll leave me or I’ll catch her with the nanny. That’s before all the stuff about her being able to hand me my ass or anything else.

    Now you got me thinking…

  7. Great comments, folks. Thanks.

  8. dvdivx

    The thing about secret identity is what if the spouse doesn’t know. Also cyborgs and robots are a big part of the comic universe. While I’ve seen chostian websites more than happy to talk about superheros and relationships with them they seem to actively avoid talking about robots/ cyborgs. One website even quoted Christian experts saying they wouldn’t talk about it. It seems like when it comes to technology and its impact on social and religious life we leave it up to athiets and secularists to talk about it while Christians play the ludite card or have their heads up their behinds. Its a. sad day when the robots and cyborgs of the comic world get more action then chistian males.

  9. I’m not sure what part Robots would have in impacting religious life. At least, outside some kind of AI concept which is so far purely academic. As for cyborgs, I suppose there are some valid bio-ethical questions to be asked or explored there.

  10. Griffin

    I refer you to Larry Niven’s essay: Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex.

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