Telling Photos

This post is a precursor of one to follow in the next few days (Monday or Tuesday, most likely). I have a simple request for my readers- tell me what you see in these side by side photos:


No trick question here. I want to hear your thoughts on what those photos tell you.


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29 responses to “Telling Photos

  1. Roman

    I see the following:
    1. two confident men
    2. two women who are comfortable with them (marked by proximity with the man)
    3. on the left I see a woman who wants to be “viewed” for her assets
    4 on the right I see a more open and relaxed woman who seems to be enjoying the moment more. Could be because of the relaxed bend to her right knee.
    5. with regards to the left photo, I also see a woman who believes exhibiting herself to others is acceptable when being with a suitor. Whereas on the right I see someone who is not advertising for others, other than who she is with.

    Ultimately, The young lady on the right looks like she would be a more enjoyable person to be with. (I don’t mean sexually, I mean conversationally).

    Interestingly, when I was looking at the photos I was thinking two separate couples. Yet when my wife looked at it she immediately said, “OH! is that the same couple”

    I’m wondering.

  2. Ame

    she’s leaning into him in the first, pulling away in the second.

  3. fuzziewuzziebear

    I am guessing that they are the same couple. He is more than a little stiff in the wedding photo and he is at his ease in the vacation. I do have a problem with these when Chateau Heartiste brings this up. He uses the laser sharp vision of hindsight to form a conclusion. My guess is that they have a sound marriage, but it is all too easy to decieve in posed photos.

  4. Cadders

    They are the same couple, and both have raised their value – she has become more feminine and he has become more masculine.

    She has lost weight and grown out her hair, he has become more stylish and gained confidence (his body language is more open and they are turned towards each other in a more equal fashion, compared to the first photo – and his posture is more upright without being rigid) .In turn she has a tilt to her head whilst pressing her body against his, submissive tells in women.

    Extrapolating to the extreme, this looks like a couple that have grown together. Most likely they got together young and he is her only lover, consequently she is bonded tightly which his allowed him the time to develop himself without undue concerns that she will cheat or leave. And again, most likely, the improvement has been led by him and she has followed rather than the other way round, for if she had raised her SMV / MMV rather then him, she would have found someone else.

  5. Cadders got most of it.

    Also, in the second pic she has a duchenne smile (e.g. real smile) because her eyes are more squinted than in the first picture where she’s just smiling for the camera.

    It shows real happiness.

    @ Ame

    I initially thought the same thing in the first one that she’s leaning in, but she’s actually standing further away and only really leaning in for the photo. Add into the fact that her body language is focused toward him (but rather the camera) and you get a girl who isn’t really that interested.

  6. Looks like the basic dynamic is the similar in both photos. In the second one she has her hips pivoted toward him. Probably the difference between your mom taking a prom picture in the backyard and a waiter taking a vacation picture after a couple glasses of wine.

  7. The Red Pill, before and after.

  8. They are the same couple, taken probably 5 years apart. In the first they are around 17-18; in the second they are both around age 23.

    The first photo shows two people who are not very confident or secure in themselves. She is kinda sorta attracted to him in the first, but standing further away from him and not really leaning in to him. They are stiff and artificial for the camera, for a “formal” photo. She is kinda sorta attracted to him. He is self conscious.

    Cadders and DeepStrength describe them superbly in the second photo. Here, she is both standing closer to him and leaning in, which indicates her sexual attraction to him. He has become more masculine, and thus more sexually attractive, by leaps and bounds. He is more universally attractive.

    The bottom line here for men is that in terms of getting women, you MUST be sexually attractive. You MUST reach maximum improvement on your physical appearance. You MUST be fit, trim, in peak physical shape, muscularly defined, with an intentional hairstyle and facial hairstyle, and with good sartorial sense. He has obviously put work and effort into his physical appearance. Anything less will result in endless sexual and relational frustration and failure.

  9. Sean

    She also looks like she’s lost 40 pounds in the second picture. Look at the arms and cleavage in the blue dress.

  10. Coastal

    It always amazes me how much of an effect losing weight and dressing better has on your appearance.

  11. MK

    Agree with all. I only thought a few things nobody mentioned:

    Photo #1: girl is insecure to the point of desperation. But you can still see in her face she is a good person. I like both instantly. Both are out of shape and do not know how to dress though.

    Photo #2: As a new 8 having lost weight, she’s now able to be herself without the stress of selling herself sexually. So her smile is genuine, and it seems she’s still a good person. But I no longer fully trust her (OK, I don’t trust women in general). Him? Top 90% but too thin (needs to hit the weights) and and trying too hard with the clothes (he should take a lesson from her). But I still tip my hat.

    Fun post. Now tell me where I’m wrong!

  12. In the 2nd photo, even tho the girl is leaning away, her body faces him. She probably is annoyed with him about something, but her midbrain still wants to fuck him.

  13. “Him? Top 90% but too thin (needs to hit the weights) and and trying too hard with the clothes (he should take a lesson from her). But I still tip my hat.”

    The man in the second photo is easily a top 30%er. He will be able to attract women quite well. He has universally attractive traits — above average height, good hair, good facial hair, dresses well, in good shape. Take that guy and put him in pretty much any urban metro in the US, he will do very well attracting women. He passes most women’s “physical attractiveness” minimums. He will be able to get no-strings-attached sex better and easier than most men.

  14. Not only will he pass most women’s physical attractiveness minimums, he will far exceed them for a good number of women. For some women, he is “hot” and will be able to get NSA sex from them if he chose it.

  15. His attractiveness gains are greater than her attractiveness gains.

    If she had stayed at the same attractiveness level she was in photo 1, she would still have been able to attract men of the stature of the man in photo 1 and photo 2.

    If he had stayed at the same attractiveness level he was in photo 1, he would never have been able to attract the woman in photo 2 (at least not until she had run through 15 men or so and reduced her SMV/MMV accordingly).

  16. MK

    Deti, His gains are greater than her gains.

    Good points all Deti. Each yr beyond 19 drops a woman’s SMV. You can see her slowly aging here. But she still went from 6 to 8. Why? Gotta grade on a curve; fit & pleasant are painfully rare today, she’s got it made.

  17. George and Lorraine McFly.

  18. Also of interesting but not relevant note: she is genetically gifted in that her face isn’t really much fatter even with 30-40 extra lbs on her.

    Most women start gaining a decent amount of face fat after about 15-20 extra lbs.

  19. Ame

    do you know this couple?

  20. Ame

    something probably benign … but i don’t know many men who would choose to wear white pants on their own … so i was thinking that in the second photo his clothing was definitely influenced by her. i could be wrong, though … it could be a regional thing.

  21. Lost Patrol

    Can hardly wait for the punchline. I’ve got so much still to learn. I thought it was just some guy and his cousin at the prom. Had no explanation at all for the second photo.

  22. DJ

    First picture they look like teenagers, are a little self conscious ,probably keeping a respectable distance for some reason. They seem happy but stressed and anxious.
    In the second photo they are older, relaxed ,and not self-conscious.

  23. Novaseeker

    I agree with most of the comments.

    The woman has lost some weight, but it’s not clear how much. What she is wearing in the second photo doesn’t reveal as much skin as the prom/event dress does in the first, but while it’s clear that she has lost some weight between them, it’s hard to tell, really, given the very different clothing and the loose, high-waisted outfit. If we’re talking numbers, I’d say 5 in first, high 6/border 7 in second, so definitely an uptick but not close to an 8 — in my world, 8s are generally the hottest women you see on the street, because 9s are much rarer on the curve and 10s even more so (and 10s tend to find their way into secluded locations segregated from the general public as well. In any case, he is higher on the male scale in the second photo than she is on the female scale, and that’s likely a reason why she seems happier there than in the first.

  24. I see a couple who take their lifestyle cues from Casino Royale. They’re cute.

    In the second photo he’s standing straighter, and she’s more relaxed. That’s good, and the lack of heels (which are surely present in the first photo) make it possible. In the previous photo she’s standing straighter, and he’s trying to be close to her by hunching, and so keep his face more proximate to hers. He’s gotten over that.

    She’s lost some weight, but the camera angle of the second picture is chosen well. You can tell from the shadow on her calf that she’s still a big-legged girl; though they never bothered me.

  25. I like big-legged girls. Scottish dancers wear knee socks and short skirts to create the illusion of bigger legs.

  26. anonymous_ng

    The white dinner jacket says UMC/UC money to me, but not extravagent money. He doesn’t seem to have that devil may care attitude of someone for whom the cost of a ruined tuxedo jacket would matter.

    Projecting plenty, I gather from the second photo that they’re not old money conservatives where I would expect him to be decked out in the Ivy/Prep uniform of khakis, button collar oxford, and penny loafers. Instead, they look like they’re still aspirational.

    IDK, I’m probably full of it as I don’t run in those crowds.

  27. @ anon

    However, I’ve made no great study of philosophy, the holy fathers, or the saints.

    Me neither, which is why I might be very wrong about this.

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