Saturday Saints- #117

Today’s saint hails from the east, and Syria in particular, although Lebanon became his eventual home. Our saint is Saint John Maron:

John Maron (Arabic: يوحنا مارون‎‎, Youhana Maroun; Latin: Ioannes Maronus) (born in 628 in Sirmaniyah or Sarmin, present Syria – died in 707 in Kfarhy, Lebanon), was a Syriac monk, and the first Maronite Patriarch. He is revered as a saint by the Maronite and Roman Catholic Churches, and is commemorated on March 2. He died and was buried in Kfarhy near Batroun, in Lebanon, where a shrine is dedicated to him.

Some of his early life:

John studied Greek and patrology in Constantinople. Returning to Saint Maron’s, he wrote on such diverse topics as teaching, rhetoric, the sacraments, management of Church property, legislative techniques, and liturgy. He composed the Eucharistic Prayer which still bears his name. As a young priest he engaged himself in ecumenical debates with the Monophysites. Noted as a teacher and preacher, he explained the doctrine of the Council of Chalcedon (which focused on the nature of Jesus as both God and human), wrote a series of letters to the faithful against Monothelitism which Beit-Marun had adopted, and then travelled Syria to explain the heresy.

He was consecrated bishop in 676, and assigned to Mount Lebanon with a mission to oppose heresies, keep the Maronites united with the Church, and support the faithful in an area being invaded by Arabs. He travelled extensively in the areas involved in combat, preaching, conducting Mass, tending to the sick, and sheltering the homeless.

More can be found out about the founder of the Maronite Catholic Church at his wiki, located here. I should note that some of what is written in the wiki does not match up with what the Maronites teach about their history. Even today there is some dispute about such matters, including alleged heresies on their part at first.




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4 responses to “Saturday Saints- #117

  1. Tigersault

    A phenomenal saint…the Maronite rite is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Lost Patrol

    Will paste this here from earlier.

    Have been visiting blog roll sites from your page. Scott has deleted Morally Contextualized Romance. That is a dead link.

    He has started a site to honor fathers:

  3. Right, going to fix that now.

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