Saturday Saints- #114

Our letter for the day is “G”, and thus we have as our saint Pope Gelasius I:

Pope Gelasius I (died 19 November 496) was Pope from 1 March 492 to his death in 496. He was probably the third and last Bishop of Rome of North African origin in the Catholic Church. Gelasius was a prolific writer whose style placed him on the cusp between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Gelasius had been closely employed by his predecessor Felix III, especially in drafting papal documents. His ministry was characterized by a call for strict orthodoxy, a more assertive push for papal authority, and increasing tension between the churches in the West and the East.

More can be found out about him at his wiki, located here.



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3 responses to “Saturday Saints- #114

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  2. Michael Kozaki

    In 494, Gelasius wrote a very influential letter, known as Duo sunt, to Anastasius on the topic of Church-State relations, whose political impact was felt for almost a millennium.

    I’m fascinated by this tension between libertarian Christianity & public orthodoxy. I’m more of a libertarian I guess so prefer the Western view of Church-State relations. The Church defining doctrine & admin sacraments, with the State leaving me alone is enough for me.

  3. @ Michael

    I tend to prefer a more distant relationship too. Although for me it is because I view a closer relationship as a danger- it makes State meddling in the Church more likely. And that never ends well.

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