Pulling The Plug

[Alternate title: Putting on the Glasses]

In my post Never Enough reader/commenter Coastal suggested that I write a post “helping Churchians’s ‘unplug’ would be great, along with examining how swallowing the ‘pill’ tends to change your relationships with others in a church setting.” It is quite a good idea, and one that I intend to pursue.

However, that is a lot to cover. More than would reasonably fit in a single post. And it would be difficult to have the comments flow together. So I am going to start a new series about how to help men accept the “Red Pill” or unplug or put the glasses on. [Use whatever analogy suits your preference.] At the same time I  will have a side post (or series), which focused on how unplugging affects Church relationships.

I hope to have the first post up soon.


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7 responses to “Pulling The Plug

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  2. Ame

    It would be nice to have a place to direct people, especially men, to introduce them to TRP that is not totally secular. something that would include all the acronyms and terms so that they’re not going in blind when reading about TRP anywhere on the web but where a biblical pov is presented. i know there’s a primer introductory to trp out there, but it’s very secular with no biblical foundation. it would be awesome, though i know time consuming to do so, to have one place to direct people where they could get that same information but with a biblical pov … and where a Christian would not have to add in disclaimers (such as, this is not from a biblical pov .. i do not condone ____ but the concepts are good, etc).

  3. Donal,
    Excellent endeavour.
    Will read with interest and comment where I can add value.

  4. Coastal

    Cool, glad that you’re pursing this! It’s one thing to take the red pill and understand the concepts for yourself, but how it plays out in your interactions with others can be a completely different ballgame, especially when it comes to friends and acquaintances in church. I’ll be looking forward to this series as it develops!

  5. Scott


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