Too Much of A Good Thing #2

As a general rule, I tend to have no problem with women being fit. It doesn’t reduce their attractiveness, and for some body types, probably helps. But a little bit goes a long way. And there is definitely such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” Example A:

Too Fit Woman

This woman is far too built up in her upper body. She has mannish arms, which creates a stark and unappealing contrast to what is otherwise a fairly appealing package.

Let this be a lesson to any ladies who read my site: don’t get this muscular. It is not a good look. And to my male readers, pass this on as well. Parents, I trust you to also clue your daughters in on this.

There is fit, and then there is going overboard.

[Update: Forgot to credit Mrs ktc for this. Here is her post on it.]



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23 responses to “Too Much of A Good Thing #2

  1. This girl would be quite a knockout if she didn’t look like a man in body… :-/

  2. theshadowedknight

    Eh, not so much that she is muscular. The photos have her flexing, and arms really change with flexing. I think the biggest problem is the bodyfat percentage. That throws it off, and makes her look masculine. If she had a little padding, she would look better. It is also possible that she is using steroids, which would explain her shoulder width and the unusually high muscle for a woman.

    Besides, a woman who does hard work is going to look the part. The women on Mrs. KTC’s post are not rural women. They are young city girls, models, and are probably useless for anything besides being pretty. Not exactly the type of woman most of us would be looking for.

    The Shadowed Knight

  3. As I’ve stated before, I like women that have athletic builds. Gymnastics, track and field, or bikini competitor type build. If your average woman is say 5’3″-5’4″ at 110 lbs then I like my women 5’3″-5’4″ at 120-130 lbs of muscle — so about 10-20 lbs more muscle than your average girl at the same height. My girl is about 123-128 lbs at 5’3″ which is picture perfect to me.

    I think the women posted in the other link are too skinny. Certainly pretty but I personally wouldn’t ask them out.

  4. That said I definitely know some men who would only ask the type of women in the other photos. They don’t like pretty much any muscle at all. Men are pretty much varied in their tastes… as long as the women aren’t fat.

    Though there is some ~1% of men who like obese women. However, that’s not a good strategy for women look for a man trying to find the 1%.

  5. Michael Kozaki

    Roids. Look at her thin ankles; obvious. Sad. Imagine her arms at 40 yo.

  6. Maea

    A lot of women aren’t able to look that way because they don’t have the testosterone levels for it. Most young women want the slender look with some muscle tone, like Jessica Alba or Kelly Brook. A woman who looks like that had to body build for years, and probably take steroids.

  7. Yeah, I think ‘roids probably played a role. That is well beyond what most women can achieve. I suppose its possible, but doubt it. Especially since she is Russian, and they love to dope up there (not that others don’t mind you).

  8. Old Codger

    She’s definitely on ‘roids! No normal woman or even an athletically inclined one, has enough native testosterone to produce those kind of masculine results. Sad. She now has little value as a woman. She’s now a freak.

  9. fuzziewuzziebear

    I thinik that we are safe in that, women won’t take it this far.
    Someone went overboard on a hobby.

  10. Juicing.

    She’d spend more time at the gym than I do, and less in the kitchen.

  11. It also can affect their posture and femininity if they get too into competitive sports. That girl is making feminine poses which softens the effect somewhat.

  12. theshadowedknight

    Her breasts are small, though, which might be due to a sports bra, but I would think that they would be larger if she was on steroids. Men have a tendency to develop breasts–gynecomastia–if they are not careful with their cycles. That would be amplified by female physiology/endocrinology. She also seems to have soft, feminine features, and her thighs are not as massive as I would expect. I cannot say for certain without seeing her in a normal stance; no posing/flexing and standing still.

    Either way, those pictures Panda posted are instructive. The second and third gymnasts and the swimmer have the best physiques, and other than the sprinter/long jumper missing her legs, the rest look like children, or are weirdly disproportionate in some way.

    Then the men! The runners look terrible. Some of the weightlifters are obese, as well as the one wrestler, but most other sports look pretty good, with a couple exceptions. Hockey and discus are particularly impressive. Men, take note: form follows function.

    The Shadowed Knight

  13. dvdivx

    Looks like a progesterone based steroid like deca/tren. The fact that she has poor leg and forearm development shows she’s infected with the “I want to be a man” mentality more than anything else. The real whack jobs start taking HGH and insulin and it shows up in their faces. They just end up looking like crap in 3-4 years.

  14. Novaseeker

    Definitely too much definition up top from my perspective.

    Some guys do like a very athletic look, however. I recall all of the guys drooling over Ronda Rousey, for example, who has never done much for me at all, really, from a sexual attraction perspective, so there’s that.

  15. @ Nova

    Ronda is pretty, but she’s lost her curves and her attitude is just… unfeminine. Let’s put it that way.

  16. I danced several dances last night with a dyke who has a lean, feminine, toned body. She looked fit and feminine. The dyke also required a strong lead or else she’d take control of the dance. She was very strong and liked a strong lead. That goes to the whole question of whether lesbianism is innate or maybe due to developmental factors. Did the dyke have a weak father growing up? She liked dancing with me because I could rein her in. The dyke wanted a couple of hugs from me last night. Maybe she just wants to find a man who can dominate her. Is that part of feminine attraction?

    No other men danced with her and she danced with her girl partner a lot. Another woman I danced with a lot was annoyed because the other girl danced better than she did. The annoyed girl was pretty drunk. Dancing and drinking don’t mix for a lot of girls.

  17. theshadowedknight

    See, I never saw Ronda as being attractive at all. Her face looks strange, and her body is unfeminine. Then you add her bad attitude and general classlessness, and she has no draw. The men that gush over her confuse me, because I see nothing there.

    The female bodybuilders are sad examples, but the fitness competitors usually look decent. The swimsuit competitions still have some curves and softness to them. They are not trying to reach extremely low bodyfat levels, but to look good in a bikini.

    Personally I like a girl that looks like she can do some work. I prefer that my wife be able to handle smaller problems, so that she needs not bother me unless it is serious. That, and healthy mothers breed healthy sons and daughters, and the weak likewise breed more weakness.

    The Shadowed Knight

  18. Michael Kozaki

    DG, That is well beyond what most women can achieve. I suppose its possible, but doubt it.

    Yep, the ankles and even legs are a giveaway. She’s still fairly lean, but her upper body is bulky. Testosterone. Men trigger testosterone production themselves by lifting; women just don’t much. When they lift hard, they get muscle, but it’s lean (and the work makes them even leaner). To bulk up, they have to eat and get fat all over.

    Look at Venus and Serena Williams in the link below for two women are are both incredibly strong for women; both clearly hit the weights. It’s easy to see what male hormones do, and the juice when it’s too much. Men can produce them naturally, so that’s harder to see. But not much. Most men who seriously bulk out like Arnold are on the juice. Just like Arnold was.

    TSK, See, I never saw Ronda as being attractive at all. Her face looks strange, and her body is unfeminine. Then you add her bad attitude and general classlessness, and she has no draw. The men that gush over her confuse me, because I see nothing there.

    I fully agree TSK. I find her at best neuter, at worst yuck. Women should have very little muscle on her arms at all, yet still be fairly strong and fit. When I see it on my wife’s arms from lifting kids all day or pushing too much iron always ask her to take it easy. Good arms, and even examples of women who make their living with arm muscle are below:,,20681364,00.html

  19. Coastal

    I don’t mind a bit of muscle on a woman, but the example above is excessive. There’s a certain threshold where the muscle stops accentuating the feminine qualities and starts looking masculine, and she’s definitely crossed it. When I talk to women that are afraid to lift weights because they think they’ll “get too big”, this is probably what they have in mind lol. There are definitely roids involved though, because a typical woman isn’t going to get this huge from just diet/lifting; the testosterone just isn’t there.

    I’m also in agreement with not having found Ronda Rousey attractive. Bad attitude aside, I never thought she looked that feminine.

  20. Every man wants a strong, independent woman:

  21. A Visitor

    Disgusting…never understood why women feel they need muscle like that. Not attractive at all. To further another comment, Rousy is disgusting, physically and as a person. I heard the day after she lost about the fight. I couldn’t help but laugh.

  22. fringed

    A female’s breast size will diminish with the use of roids. A male’s might increase, but not in all cases.

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