Saturday Saints- #98

The letter Q has always been a difficult letter to find for a saint. Fortunately, I found one that I haven’t covered already. This brings us today’s saint, St. Quodvultdeus:

Quodvultdeus (Latin for “what God wills”, died c. 450 AD) was a fifth-century church father and bishop of Carthage who was exiled to Naples. He was known to have been living in Carthage around 407 and became a deacon in 421 AD. He corresponded with Augustine of Hippo, who served as Quodvultdeus’ spiritual teacher. Augustine also dedicated some of his writings to Quodvultdeus.

Quodvultdeus was exiled when Carthage was captured by the Vandals led by King Genseric, who followed Arianism. Tradition states that he and other churchmen (such as Gaudiosus of Naples) were loaded onto leaky ships that landed at Naples around 439 AD and Quodvultdeus established himself in Italy. He would go on to convert dozens of Arian Goths to Orthodoxy in his lifetime.




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3 responses to “Saturday Saints- #98

  1. A Visitor

    It’s a shame there isn’t more about him available. Thanks, Donal!

  2. That’s the case for a lot of saints- there are many we know so little of. There are some who endured a lot, and I’m sure we could learn much from their lives.

    Oh, and welcome.

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