Saturday Saints- #96

The Letter “O” gets its turn in the ongoing series about the saints. Today’s saint is one who lived an interesting life, to say the least, Olga of Kiev:

Saint Olga (Old Church Slavonic: Ольга, born c. 890 died 11 July 969, Kiev) was a ruler of Kievan Rus’ as regent (945–c. 963) for her son, Svyatoslav.

A few quick facts about her:

  • She was born and raised a pagan, and converted decades into her life.
  • Marriage proposals to Olga could be a risky business, both for oneself and one’s people.
  • She is the grandmother of Vladimir the Great, who Christianized the kingdom of Rus.

I would encourage my readers to learn more about her at her wiki, located here.

St. Olga of Kiev


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5 responses to “Saturday Saints- #96

  1. A Visitor

    Thanks for the series, as it’s been a great way to learn about many of the lesser known saints. I read the linked article; man, she was ruthless! She seemed to have a good military mind, innovative at that (the sparrows and the sulfur).

  2. Very nice. More info here as well:

    [b][i][Troparion (Tone 1) –[/b][/i]
    Giving your mind the wings of divine understanding,
    you soared above visible creation seeking God the Creator of all.
    When you had found Him, you received rebirth through baptism.
    As one who enjoys the Tree of Life,
    you remain eternally incorrupt, ever-glorious Olga.

    [b][i]Kontakion (Tone 4) –[/b][/i]
    Today let us praise God the Benefactor of all,
    who glorified divinely-wise Olga,
    that through her prayers, He may grant our souls remission of sins.

  3. @ Visitor

    Yes, she was a shrewd and ruthless woman. Someone like her had to be.

    @ Novaseeker

    Thanks for that extra information about her. I take it that the Troparian and Kontakion are from the Byzantine Rite liturgy in remembrance of her?

  4. Yes, they are the hymns of her feast day, from the Byzantine “Menaion”, or book of months, which has the “proper hymns” for each day that commemorates a saint.

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