Brief Thoughts And Updates

Just a few quick things for today. First, on Comments.


I tend to be very lenient when it comes to comments. There are a few things I won’t tolerate, however. Here are a couple:

  1. Lying about what myself or others have said on this blog. Disagree with what I or others say all you want. But don’t put words in anyone’s mouth.
  2. Excessive vulgarity or obscenity.
  3. Using sock-puppets, or repeatedly dropping comments from different screen names and e-mail addresses. If you want to comment here, pick a name and e-mail, and stick with it for a while. No one-off comments.

This list is not exhaustive, only illustrative.


Deep Strength has a post up on Tim Tebow’s apparent poor choice in women. I find his analysis to be pretty much spot on. To draw upon some of the ideas I mentioned in this post, Tim is being led on by his Appetites. Thus far he has managed to maintain his chastity, but for how long? Eventually, no matter what, when you play with fire you will get burnt.

Tim needs to reevaluate what he is looking for in a woman. He needs to stop, contemplate Scripture, and pray. He is looking in the wrong places, and until he changes that, things won’t get better for him. Here is some arm-chair advice of mine, some of which was echoed in the comments:

  1. Stop dating/courting women who lack virtue. Remember, you can know a tree by the fruit it bears. Plus missionary dating is foolhardy at best. Would a bank owner hire a bank robber to guard his bank, in the hope that the robber reforms? Only a fool would.
  2. Stop dating/courting famous women. Really. There are few things more destructive to one’s character than fame. You are unlikely to find a virtuous woman among famous women. Look elsewhere.
  3. Start looking for virtue first, and then switch to filter for attractiveness. Starting with a group that will work off the bat, and then going for the best in that group is a much sounder strategy than he is employing.

Really, this is kind of sad. Tim is, at least among Protestant Christians, near the top of the male MMV hierarchy. I am having trouble thinking of anyone above him. If he started looking in the right places, he at least should be able to marry well, despite the present state of the MMP.


Be Feminine, Not Feminist has started a new blog, which you can find here. She is blogging under a new name (her real one, apparently) with a focus on faith. My Christian readers, especially the female ones, might find it of interest.


Cane Caldo has an excellent post up wherein he looks at marriage and the metaphor of the Vine and Branches. Very much worth a read. He has a follow up to it already, found here.

Scott has a post up as well in reply, which I think also merits reading. You can find it here.

I am going to try and respond to both of them as soon as time permits, as I think there is a lot to be discussed on the matter.



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6 responses to “Brief Thoughts And Updates

  1. Thank you for the linkage Donal! 🙂

    I should point out though that it’s not geared specifically towards female readers. I’ll be making every effort to keep the content something that both women and man can (hopefully) find interesting and engaging. I know it has a girly look to it at the moment, but I’m not wanting to keep it like that. I just need to find a theme that works.

  2. jack

    When it comes to men who are practicing chastity, it seems to me that a Tebow type is pretty much as “in the driver’s seat” as you could get.

    For most men who are a total nobody, chastity is a tricky thing to work around. When you’re a pro ball player, it is not much to overcome. Tebow probably could have his pick of the remaining supply of chaste women. If that is important to him. The fact that he would consider squandering it all to pursue an unchaste woman is not very smart.

    For the rest of us guys, we can end up having to choose between have no one, or having a girl with a past. I’ve met only a few virgins in my day, so there is not much hope for the average Christian guy.

    Tebow needs to get his head on straight and realize that his situation is unique and he should maximize his options to have a godly marriage to a good woman.

  3. Re: Your new commenting policy –

    Yo, Ding Dong, man. Ding Dong. Ding Dong yo!

  4. A Visitor

    Thanks for the correction on DeepStrength’s post; I indeed meant Proverbs 5. Thanks for the updates, too!

  5. Novaseeker

    Tebow wants a top tier woman physically, obviously. That’s going to make it harder to find one who is in line with his sexual morals, I think. There aren’t that many of such women available to begin with (the women he’s aiming at are 9+), so it’s a small pool, and the observant Christian part of that pool is even smaller. He could widen the pool a bit to include 8s and perhaps some high 7s without a huge dropoff in attractiveness, and increase his chances of finding someone who is morally compatible, but my guess is that he wants a 9+ and will keep looking for one who is either an observant Christian or can be flipped into becoming one.

  6. Still working on my reply to Cane’s post. It is slow going, no idea when I’ll finish.

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