Saturday Saints- #91

Our letter for today’s saint is the letter “K.” This letter, being less common, leads to today’s saint, who lived in Poland, Saint Kinga:

Saint Kinga of Poland (also known as Cunegunda; Polish: Święta Kinga, Hungarian: Szent Kinga) (5 March 1224 – 24 July 1292) is a saint in the Catholic Church and patroness of Poland and Lithuania.

She was a fascinating woman. A few facts about her:

  • She was born a Princess- her father was the King of Hungary
  • Both of her sisters were saints as well
  • She took part in a Josephite marriage with Prince Bolislaw the Chaste
  • After her husband’s death she became a contemplative and wouldn’t let anyone refer to her past station in life as a Princess

This and more can be found at her wiki, located here.

St. Kinga


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