It’s The Little Things

There are times when I question why I continue to blog. It has only really benefited me spiritually (not to say that this is a minor thing). Rather, most of the benefit to be gained there has already accumulated. Otherwise it hasn’t really been of great help to me. Certainly not in terms of my major goals. Not to mention that I am second-guessing myself more often than not these days. Sometimes I wonder if I should just shut it down.

Sentiments such as these are why I appreciate hearing from those who have been helped by my blog. The other day someone contacted me, thanking me for the effort I put into my work. It wasn’t someone I expected to reach out to me, and the message wasn’t what I was expecting, but sometimes it is a good thing when your expectations are defied. Stories like what I was told are what keep me blogging. Even if I can’t help myself, I can still help others. And that is worth the effort this blog requires. As the title says, sometimes its the little things in life that make it worth continuing on.



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10 responses to “It’s The Little Things

  1. fuzziewuzziebear

    You’re all right. You have helped others and you have done landmark work in writing about PSALM. Could it be that you need a break?

  2. You never know how much you influence someone on this side of the veil. [DG: This is very true. And easy to forget.] I’ve been surprised and gratified at some of the feedback I’ve gotten on my blog as well.

  3. As fuzzie said the PSALM posts we’re extremely helpful in understanding attraction. You were also one of the major catalysts that eventually drove me to start my own blog as well. For that I thank you.

    For me blogging is about helping other people in some context (Christian masculinity), but it also mirrors my own journey as I strive to walk submit to God in all things while becoming the man He wants me to be. It has become a time of reflection on the man who I am now, and whatever topic I am writing on I examine if I am becoming mature in that area. Viewing my blogging in this context has stimulated large amounts of growth in areas that I didn’t realize. If it was solely about discussion, learning, and my thoughts I wouldn’t be here.

    Might be a good time to examine the motivations and reasoning behind blogging in the first place.

    [DG: You raise a good point at the end. I took a break recently, but not a self-examination.]

  4. I may not comment on every post, but I do read them.

    You will always be on my blogroll links and mentioned in my books Don.

    [DG: I appreciate it, Rollo.]

  5. mdavid

    Your blog is open to diverse views yet remains polite. That’s rare, and not trivial. So I’ve learned from the comments in addition to posts.

    Example: Somebody (FBNF?) recently linked to Wright, whom I’d never really read before. It shook me to my core. How to put a price on that?

    The world is changing this generation. Religious people need a forum, and your blog is the best I’ve seen yet. But you sow, we reap. So thanks.

    [DG: Yes, we do need a forum. We are so spread out that a physical one just doesn’t work.]

  6. Scott

    In a thousand years, these writings, on all these blogs in the manosphere will be considered sacred canonized wisdom. And I don’t mean that to blow smoke up your ass.

    [DG: On one hand the thought is gratifying, and on the other it is somewhat sad.]

  7. Feminine But Not Feminist

    @ Donal

    I can understand where you’re coming from in wondering about whether to continue on writing your blog. I’ve wondered the same for a while about my own blog and have been very slack about posting because I wonder “what for? I’m not accomplishing anything.” But everybody’s right Donal, you and your blog have done a LOT of good for a lot of people, myself included. I’m glad that whoever contacted you and thanked you did so.

    After reading this post, I was sitting here thinking about all the ways in which you and your blog have helped me, and it’s overwhelming to the point that I’m in tears now just thinking about it. You’re already familiar with much of it.

    Something I’m sure that people that comment here regularly would agree with is that your blog provides a bit of a shelter from the storm. Meaning, it’s a good place to come to when you just want to have a good conversation with (at least semi-) like-minded people about real world things that you just can’t talk about with just anybody. Granted, we’re a bunch of people scattered all over, and most of us wouldn’t know each other if we were to pass each other up on a street somewhere. But still, you’ve got a way of bringing people together. That’s not an easy task in such a crazy and fast-paced secular culture. I’m not aware of any other blog that really does that to the extent that yours does, or does it nearly as well. If you stopped blogging altogether, it would leave a mighty big hole around here, I think.

    [DG: Thank you for the kind words.]

    @ mdavid

    Example: Somebody (FBNF?) recently linked to Wright, whom I’d never really read before.

    Wasn’t me, (I don’t think). I clicked the link and read a little bit, and thought of Stingray. I’m not positive, but I think it might’ve been her.

  8. Don’t pack it in unless Zippy comes back online.

  9. Maea

    The reason why I have read this blog for as long as I have is because of the diversity in views. In spite of that, the religious tone of the is anchored firmly in orthodox Catholic teaching. Some religious blogs are too left field for me, but yours isn’t.

  10. Thank you for your comments everyone.

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