Saturday Saints- #71

Ah Q… that most difficult of letters to find a saint for. I had to really look for one. Fortunately I found one, and an excellent choice of a saint at that. Today’s saint is St. Quadratus of Athens:

Saint Quadratus of Athens (Greek: Άγιος Κοδράτος) is said to have been the first of the Christian apologists. He is counted among the Seventy Apostles in the tradition of the Eastern Churches.

He is said by Eusebius of Caesarea to have been a disciple of the Apostles (auditor apostolorum).

Some more about what is known of him, and what is speculated about him, can be found at his wiki, located here.

St. Quadratus



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3 responses to “Saturday Saints- #71

  1. anaxios

    With all respect, the icon shows the Apostle Quartus (Κουάρτος) of the seventy, bishop of Beirut.

    There is an icon of holy Quadratus of Athens here:

    Glory to God.

  2. Thank you for catching that Anaxios. The wiki had the wrong icon. I will fix it when I get a chance.

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