Sympathy for a Stranger

I was out and about town yesterday when I overheard a conversation between several older ladies. Probably very early Boomers, if I was to guess. It wasn’t my intent to overhear them, and I missed most of what they said. However, I caught some of it, and will paraphrase the small part that I did hear.

Lady 1: …and she [grand-daughter, I think- I never heard for certain] is going with a new guy now. He treats her well, is very respectful and considerate.

Lady 2: He seems nice.

Lady 1: Oh, he is. I like him. He has a good job and seems very responsible. I hope that it works out between them.

Lady 3: Oh, so you think it/he [not sure which was said] has potential?

Lady 1: I think so. She is [in her late twenties] and is starting to think about settling down now. He would be a good choice.

The first thing that ran through my head upon hearing this was as follows:

That poor son of a #@$*&, he has no idea what he is getting himself into it.

After a moment I realized what I had thought, and further realized that I didn’t know these people. I didn’t know the ladies, I didn’t know the grand-daughter, and I didn’t know the man. What was I doing making all of these assumptions and coming to these conclusions?

Yet, the thing is, I’m more likely right than wrong, and I know it. I’ve seen this before. I caught that conversation because of some of the “trigger” words used by those ladies. A minute’s worth of conversation had me convinced that this guy was your typical Beta White-Knight. I could always be wrong, but I don’t think I am. The way that the ladies described him fits that profile to a T. The grand-daughter I was less certain about, but that comment about settling down (coupled with her age), made me think that she was at or approaching her Epiphany Phase. The tone used by the [presumed] grandmother also lent credence to that inference [I almost thought I picked up a hint that the woman in question might have some regrets].

As I contemplated that conversation later that day, I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for that unknown man. I have no idea who is he, but that didn’t stop me all the same. And while it is possible that I misread everything, and that my sympathy is unneeded, the sentiment was still expressed. Having seen what can happen to a man who falls for that particular trap, I would have trouble wishing it on my worst enemies. What I am curious about is if I am alone in feeling this. Do some of my male readers experience similar sympathies? Or is this just me? I ask because it isn’t an isolated occurrence for me- I often feel for men who are caught, or look to be caught, in the web of lies that is sometimes referred to as “Blue Pill land.” Feel free to add your thoughts on this, and anything else related to the subject, in the comments.



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104 responses to “Sympathy for a Stranger

  1. Yes, I used to do the same, but then I realized I really don’t know these people.

    Maybe you do Donal, I don’t know.

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  3. @ Elspeth

    “That said, as the mother of a almost 21-year-old virgin daughter who would love to have gotten married and had a baby yesterday, it isn’t lost on her that the only young women in her immediate vicinity who have managed to pull off such a feat (Christian or not) have cut some moral corners to do it.”

    Sure, if you consider such things as wearing makeup to be ‘cutting moral corners’.

  4. Feminine But Not Feminist

    @ Sir Nemesis

    Sure, if you consider such things as wearing makeup to be ‘cutting moral corners’.

    She wasn’t referring to makeup…

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