Yet Another Domino…

…hits the floor.

As the article makes clear, you cannot win as a Christian who professes orthodox beliefs. Compliance with their sundry demands is not enough. It will not, it cannot, be enough that you don’t act on your beliefs. You won’t be aren’t allowed to voice them either. And very soon (already?) you will be forced to voice beliefs that are not your own. Followed not long after by being forced to act consistent with their beliefs.

You know who they are.

And you know who their father is.

[This is a follow-up to my post here.]


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16 responses to “Yet Another Domino…

  1. I’m not a great legal mind, or a great mind at all. I’m sure there are all kinds of reasons why I cannot and should not do this. But sitting in my comfortable armchair here, this is how I’d respond to that kind of pressure:

    “You must agree to X!”
    “Na, bro.”
    “Then we’ll see you in court!”
    “Na, bro.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I will not submit. If you sue me, I won’t appear in court. If I’m convicted of badthink in absentia, I will not pay the fines or comply with any other judicial orders. This is only going to end with you backing down or the cops dragging me off to jail. So go ahead: make us all famous.”

    I know, it’s easy to posture online. But I have dealt with this sort of thing in real life. From firsthand experience, I’ve found that most of the time they’ll blink first.

  2. @ Beefy

    Most folks don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stick it out. And that applies both ways.

    Also, it is much easier to resist this kind of pressure when you don’t have family, than when you do. I didn’t check to see if the owner did, but I would think it likely. I suppose that is one thing going for me- with little to lose, I wouldn’t have much trouble holding the line here.

  3. I thought about that, and to be sure it’s much easier to tell the Auxiliary Volunteer Thought Police to go pound sand when you don’t have young children to feed. But if they’re targeting your livelihood, you’ve already become radioactive. If the jeweler wasn’t self-employed, his bosses would already be figuring out a pretext to ask for his resignation, or fire him outright. Don’t go actively seeking out martyrdom on the hill, but if you’re going down anyway don’t let them rob you of your dignity along with your job.

  4. True. Just saw you post.

    Another thing to consider is that it looks like third-party threats were the primary motivator here. At which point the cowardice of the original party doesn’t really matter anymore- it is those third-parties you need to consider. Even if the first party backs down, they might not.

    With that in mind, a Christian should always remember that if our lives aren’t being threatened by outsiders, we might be doing something wrong. Of course it is awful if threats might extend to our children… but as cold as it might sound, better their [physical] lives than their souls.

  5. If nothing else, you’ll have a lot more fun if you stand your ground. I suppose that’s one unintended consequence of the decline: it’s hard to overstate how shocked progressives are when you don’t submit, at least in my experience.

  6. mdavid

    There are some things about this story that make me shake my head.

    1) There never has been freedom of speech. It’s a fantasy, like this mythical “freedom” Americans are wont to chant. There is no freedom If you offend the people in power, you will pay. in a Republic, the only protection for your personal freedom and property is money or unifed votes. i repeat: money or votes. This is the Darwinian world we live in.

    2) The only reason Dreher is so upset is because he’s always been in the majority in the recent past. Well, that ship has sailed. There is a price to pay for being a disunifed Christian with a culture of small families, and Dreher and similar Christians don’t want to pay this price.

    3) Dreher, I suppose if you are a small businessman, you have no choice once the mob turns on you. I say: No. For every SJW who mobs against your business, that should cause another Christian to give you more business. Hell, it’s free adverstising. That jewler should go on TV and ask Christians to frequent his shop because he won’t give into the SJW mob. But nah, he backs down. And hey, that’s ok, ust don’t ask for my sympathy. Nobody, myself included, cared about all those LDS harem families who got screwed over by us Christians. And it was RC in Europe who banned harems, divorce, birth control, and cousin marriage for everyone else. Hey, they had the numbes. Well, now they don’t, and so all those wins are turning to losses. Starting with BC. Then divorce. Now it’s marriage. Cousin marriage and harems are next. This is the price Christians pay for a) not having kids, and b) being disunifed and watered-down Christians. I think Dreher is barely at replacement size in his own family, and he left the largest US deonmination for one of the nation’s smallest. No votes or unity there. He needs to own his own philosophy.

  7. This only reinforces to me that it’s unwise to mix business and religion. Why use your business as a religious sounding board when you know you can be specifically targetted through it? Why keep poking at a sore area?

    People already know that Christians don’t support gay marriage. It’s like the street preachers who preach that people are going to hell. I’ve never seen a single one win someone for Jesus Christ that way rather it just turns people further away from Jesus. You’re not going to win someone for Jesus that way. The good news is the love of Jesus which turns people from their sin. Pointing out sin doesn’t turn people from their sin.

    There’s a reason why Jesus commended the unjust steward for his shrewdness in the parable:

    Luke 16:8 So the master commended the unjust steward because he had dealt shrewdly. For the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light.

  8. Sean

    @mdavid There’s no such thing as freedom of speech here in the People’s Democratic Republic of Canada. Nor property rights, either. Rev. Stephen Boissoin found that out in Red Deer, Ezra Levant keeps finding out, etc.

    What I don’t get is why Christians still have businesses. If you’re deeply invested in it, phase it out. If you can get out like Midas Mulligan even to the penny, do so. Why are you, as business owners, leaving yourself to the mercy of the mob? Surely there’s a joe-job that will pay enough to support your family. Plus, if you’re dismissed for badthink and the wrong beliefs, make their bureaucracy pay you either in Employment Insurance bennies or through the Star Chamber Human Rights Commissions. You’re unlikely to win, sure, but burn up their money.

  9. theshadowedknight

    Another option is to start forming ethnic enclaves. Catholics should start forming Catholic parts of town, Orthodox the same, and Protestants, if they can manage it. Start leaving the cities and moving to rural areas. Communities of the faithful are important, and we are failing. Start taking care of one another.

    The Shadowed Knight

  10. DJ

    The best way to fight it is with firm unified well mannered resistance. Forming religious enclaves is basically ghettorizing, making for more convenient extermination. Christians must be salt and light we must permeate society with Gods grace we cannot wall ourselves away from the world or that will be our destruction. Otherwise we aren’t following the mandate

  11. mdavid

    DJ, The best way to fight it is with firm unified well mannered resistance. Forming religious enclaves is basically ghettorizing

    Firm “resistance” of what? There is nothing here to resist. Unified SJW are merely boycotting Christians who dare admit Christian political beliefs.

    And “unified” with whom? If Christians cannot even unify around a Creed, they aren’t going to be effective at political resistance. E.g., I strongly doubt you and I would agree on what I consider fundamental moral issues of the Faith, and thus my votes and preaching will be different than yours. Christians have embraced disunity since the Reformation, and one by one social issues have fallen: divorce, birth control, abortion, homosexuality. These issues now are believed only within religious enclaves. But I don’t call this a ghetto. I call it a city on a hill.

    Christians must be salt and light we must permeate society with Gods grace we cannot wall ourselves away from the world or that will be our destruction. Otherwise we aren’t following the mandate

    This is a red herring to the issue. Only when Christians have a unified and solid belief system with each other can they become “salt and light” to outsiders. Again, consider birth control and divorce, both mortal sins for all Christians until the Reformation. Christ tells us bluntly that outsiders will not know who we are if we are disunified, and It’s true. So the only way to get real unify of belief is to live around each other, support each other, and live out the gospel together. I don’t call this a “ghetto”, since it has a greater long-term effect on the world than some TV preacher contradicting the other TV preacher on the next channel.

  12. theshadowedknight

    Let Washington try to crush the Faith by striking at the Faithful. Rome tried that, too. In a few centuries, Washington will be the capitol of a reinvigorated and reunified Christianity. Rome fell, Washington will fall, while the Faith endures.

    The Shadowed Knight

  13. Sean

    … Few things grow the church catholic (small c) quite like persecution. Spread the seeds of the dandelions into the wond.

  14. Novaseeker

    It’s actually OK, because it reflects the world we live in. I think if you are a Christian, you really ought to not have a front-facing business that deals with individual people as customers unless you are willing to separate that business from your religious beliefs. This is the standard that is enforced socially and legally, and so that will the standard that gets enforced against you. Of course, it’s easier to be in a field where you don’t have dealings with individual human customers. You still have similar issues come up in almost every work setting (you can choose to say what you believe and get punished for it or keep quiet and go along to get along), but it’s less conflicted than when you are trying to sell people stuff.

  15. mdavid

    Hispanics (like the guy in the story) are used to living in a culture where people “tribe” together for economic support. The first time I saw this was a Hispanic asking me who the “Catholic” barber in town was. Baffled me at first, but as things tighten up it has appeal. Why shouldn’t there be enough fellow Christians to make a living? For every SJW business lost, there sould be a Christian gain. SJW are proud to fly their rainbow flag and take the heat. Why not Christians on fire with the Holy Spirit? And Hispanics are successful enough demographically to be coming here, not the other way around, so my guess we will be looking more like them in the future for better or worse.

    Nova, I think the “world we live in” is undergoing some changes. That old libertarian ideal of “live and let live” is unusual and unique to English cultures which are receding fast. I would guess SJW will root Christians out by law once they hold enough of the handle (USSR style). It’s like the book Animal Farm where the donkey thinks he can mind his own business (“Donkey’s live a long time, nobody has ever seen a dead donkey) only to find out that the pigs (or SJW) will eventually demand something too much. Hope I’m wrong.

  16. Novaseeker

    PEW tells you why there can’t be a 1-1 exchange on businesses. More nones and fewer Christians.

    I know you say this will be revered by natalism among trads, and you know of my skepticism about that one generation down — so we disagree.

    In the meantime, I think we can expect more stories like the one in the OP.

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