A Pharmaceutical Symphony

One of Dalrock’s most recent posts has become the host of a discussion and debate in the comments about the “red pill” and “blue pill” in music that I think many of my male readers would find quite interesting. The discussion starts a few comment in and keeps going.



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4 responses to “A Pharmaceutical Symphony

  1. mdavid

    You know what I took away from those comments and Dalrock? Moderns are trapped forever by the media and music of their generation. Popular culture owns them, body and soul. Sad. Beta.

    Free men? They refuse to suck on the glass teat. And stick to classical music (ht: Nova).

  2. mdavid. I think there is some truth to your comment there. I have zippy to thank for my re-thinking of modernity.

    I do think Cole Swindells new song “You aint worth the whisky” has a littler red pill in it though.

  3. mdavid

    Scott, fully agree. What do you mean by I have zippy to thank for my re-thinking of modernity?

  4. Scott

    I never even heard the term “modernity” until I started reading him.

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