Saturday Saints- #53

The end of the alphabet has come once again. that means series is now over a year old. I intend to keep running it, although it is going to be increasingly difficult to find saints for some of the more obscure letters. Fortunately, Z still has a few left. This brings us to today’s saint, Saint Zeno:

Zeno of Verona (Italian: Zenone da Verona; about 300 – 371 or 380) was either an early Christian Bishop of Verona or a martyr. He is a saint in the Roman Catholic Church and in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Not a huge amount is known of Saint Zeno. While the existence of some of the earliest saints is sometimes doubted, St. Zeno was spoken of by some of his contemporaries. Unfortunately, exact details are lacking. Here are a few facts or speculations about St. Zeno:

  • He was probably born or raised in Africa, and then later as an adult came to Verona
  • During his childhood he received a classical education
  • When he arrived in Verona he became a monk at first, until he was elected to become Bishop
  • He is often depicted with fishing equipment of some sort, and is the patron saint of fisherman.

More can be found out about St. Zeno at his wiki, located here.



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3 responses to “Saturday Saints- #53

  1. Feminine But Not Feminist

    Unlike some other early saints, he clearly existed

    I’m not sure what you meant to say with this sentence, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the same thing as how it sounds…

  2. Yeah, it didn’t come out quite right. I’ll fix it shortly.

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