Saturday Saints- #45

For today’s saint we go back to the Dark Ages, and to France, in the person of Saint Remigius:

Saint Remigius, Remy or Remi, (French: Saint Rémi or Saint Rémy; Italian: Remigio; Spanish: Remigio; Occitan: Romieg; Polish: Remigiusz; and Breton: Remig), was Bishop of Reims and Apostle of the Franks, (c. 437 – January 13, 533). On 24 December 496 he baptised Clovis I, King of the Franks. This baptism, leading to the conversion of the entire Frankish people to Nicene Christianity, was a momentous success for the Catholic Church and a seminal event in European history.

Remigius occupies an interesting time in the history of the Church. Rome had fallen, Christianity has emerged as the main religion of the remnants of the Roman Empire, and most of the early Fathers of the Church had already come and gone. At this point in time the faith was expanding past Roman borders (which it had done in the east earlier).

More can be learned about St. Remigius at his wiki.

St. Remigius



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4 responses to “Saturday Saints- #45

  1. happyhen11

    An icon of the wonderful saint..

    This icon’s home is at a convent in California.

    Also a great story from his life: “At the end of his life, St. Remigius became blind. Far from grieving over this, he rejoiced, saying that by this means he could suffer with Our Lord Jesus Christ. He knew prophetically the day of his death many days before. At the end, he miraculously regained his sight so that he could see his flock and distribute his goods as he desired. When the day came, even though he was not sick, he made his farewell as if he were leaving on a long trip, and then died. ” from

  2. Exfernal

    What about covering some more controversial saints, like Cyril of Alexandria? He might be too challenging to be depicted fairly…

  3. With a few exceptions, I’ve been aiming to depict some of the less well-known saints. Perhaps when I get back to C I will address him.

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