Saturday Saints- #44

Once again we find ourselves with a saint whose name begins with the letter “Q.” As I’ve noted before, that is a rather limited pool to draw from. Thus, today’s saint is St. Quinidius:

Quinidius (French: Quenin) (died February 15 c. 579) was a French saint. He was born at Vaison-la-Romaine to a noble Christian family. As a young man, he became a hermit near Toulon and then at Lérins Abbey to devote himself to a life of prayer and asceticism.

Esteemed for his piety, he was recalled to his natal town by Theodosius, Bishop of Vaison. He was made an archdeacon. He was himself elected Bishop of Vaison in 556, and achieved a reputation for charity and fairness. He participated in the Councils of Paris of 558 and 573. He resisted the claims of the patrician Mummolus, conqueror of the Lombards.

The wiki on St. Quinidius, with a little bit more about him, can be found here.

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