Saturday Saints- #39

Today’s saint hails from France, Saint Leodegar:

Leodegar of Poitiers (also known as Leodegarius, Leger or Léger) (c. 615 – October 2, 679) was a martyred Burgundian Bishop of Autun who became Saint Leodegarius. He was the son of Saint Sigrada and the brother of Saint Warinus.

Leodegar was an opponent of Ebroin, the Frankish Mayor of the Palace of Neustria and the leader of the faction of Austrasian nobles in the struggle for hegemony over the waning Merovingian dynasty. His torture and death made him a martyr and saint.

St. Leodegar’s life showcases a lot of the politics that marked France during the Dark Ages. It shows both the wisdom, and the folly, of  involvement of Church leaders in secular politics.

You can find out more about him at his wiki, located here.

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