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Tonight’s post is dedicated to answering a few of the questions that I’ve been been asked since this blog started. They have been left as comments, or sent to me via e-mail. Some I’ve answered before, and I will try and include a link to those answers. Others might have been addressed only obliquely, or not at all.


Question: Is this a Game blog?

Answer: No. This is not, nor has it ever been, a “Game” blog. While I accepted its legitimacy for a while, I’ve come to realize that Game, if it can even be defined, is not something which can be supported.


Question: Hey, I thought this was a Christian blog, so why are you talking about sexual attraction and the kind of stuff Pick-Up Artists talk about?

Answer: Because sexual attraction matters to everyone looking to get married, Christian or not. In an age where people largely choose their own mates, a person’s sexual attractiveness plays a huge role in determining whether they can get married or not. By ignoring this for so long, the Church has only made the marriage situation worse in the west.


Question: Wait, I thought this was a Red Pill bog… so what is all this Christian stuff doing here?

Answer: While I cover topics that generally fall under the umbrella of “The Red Pill”, I am also a Catholic Christian. That belief system is not something that I simply set aside when I cover topics which aren’t normally addressed by Christians. As far as I’m concerned many “Red Pill” topics are of great concerns to Christians, and so I approach them from a Christian perspective.


Question: Why do you hate women?

Answer: Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t hate women. In fact, I happen to like actual feminine women quite a lot. In fact, I find their presence (both virtual and real) to be quite enjoyable. Truth be told, I’m not very good at hating anyone (trust me on this, I’ve tried).


Question: Well then how come you want to subjugate women in marriage then?

Answer: I don’t want to subjugate women in marriage. I am a Christian, and as a Christian I recognize that wives are called to subject themselves to the authority of their husbands. That is a far cry from subjugation, given that their husbands at the same time are required to love them as Christ loved the Church. If anything women are getting the better end of the deal. Plus that requirement is for their own benefit, as it will help make their husbands more attractive in their eyes.


Question: But why do you talk so negatively about women?

Answer: It is important to keep in mind that this blog is aimed primarily towards men. Women are welcome, of course, but my principal audience is men. And men talk and interact in a very different manner from women. If that makes women uncomfortable, so be it. I’ve explained this in a more complete fashion in several different posts. Here is one of them.


Question: What is with your name?

Answer: I explained the rationale behind my name in this post.


Question: You keep using weird terms and words like SMV and FI and Hypergamy- what do they mean?

Answer: I wrote a post defining some of the terms that I use here.


Question: What do you have against feminism and feminists?

Answer: Feminism is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated upon mankind. It has no foundation in religion, science or reality, and has wrecked countless lives in its long existence. Feminists, at best, are useful fools and at worse callous monsters who don’t care whom they hurt so long as they get the society they want. Never mind the fact that they can never actually have what they want, and the process of bringing it about will bring civilization down around us.


Question: Why is it that someone as smart as you is a Christian- surely you know it’s superstitious nonsense?

Answer: That superstitious nonsense has done a far better job of predicting our present social devolution that science has. Its explanations of human nature have been proven correct time and time again. Likewise, the moral code and social order that Christianity supports is demonstrably the best means of checking the excesses of human behavior and providing the stability necessary for orderly and non-stagnant civilization.


Question: How can you call yourself a Christian when you refuse to forgive women who have sinned (sexually) in the past? Don’t you know that God has forgive them?

Answer: To begin with, to forgive someone I would need to be sinned against. If a woman has fornicated with someone else, then besides a general sin against the church community, she really hasn’t sinned against me. So there is nothing to forgive, really. And yes, God has forgiven her for her trespasses. But just because the spiritual consequences of her sin may be gone, the physical/temporal consequences are not necessarily wiped away. The worldly effects of some sins last well beyond the point of repentance. For sexual sins, a woman’s ability to pair bond can be damaged, or she could even be an Alpha Widow.


Question: How come all of the men here are cold, insensitive and uncaring jerks?

Answer: For the most part, none of the men in this part of the internet wanted to be that way. They were forced to become cold and uncaring, often out of necessity. Some were unjustly divorced by their wives, their marriages and families torn apart by women who cared more about their own enjoyment and “feelings” than their marriage vows. Others have undergone years or even decades of sexual denial at the hands of their wives. Many have hearts of ice as a result of years, decades for some, of rejection by women, who ignored them to chase after bad boys instead. Yet more have become cold as a result of despair arising from an inability to find worthy women to be their wives. The truth is that most men are romantics at heart, including the men around here, but the women in their lives crushed that right out of them.


Question: If you are a Christian, how come you see marriage as just an exchange of goods and services?

Answer: The short answer is that I don’t. As for a longer answer…. It is important for women to understand that men are able to compartmentalize things in their head in a way that women either don’t or can’t match. We can talk about marriage in transactional terms one minute, and then examine it from a sacramental perspective in another, and then debate its relation to Christ and the Church in a third. I would very much advise my female readers to be wary of projecting female thought processes onto myself, and the men around these parts. Men and women are very different- we think differently, we perceive the world differently, and we react to stimuli differently. So don’t assume that when we say something that it means the same thing it would if a woman said it.


Question: How come, if this is a Christian blog, you let pick-up artists and their like comment here? Why the hypocrisy?

Answer: My allowing someone to comment here is by no means an indication that I approve their lifestyle or share their beliefs. Sometimes a different perspective can be a valuable thing, if only to illustrate a point I am making. As a general rule, I let most people comment here, so long as they are civil and respectful to other commenters.


Question: Well then, how come I can’t comment here? Why did you ban me?

Answer: I have banned very few people on my blog. If you cannot comment for some reason, it might be that you are included in my spam filter. Its possible that you ended up there by accident. If you want to comment but cannot, feel free to e-mail me and I will look into it. You can reach me at d0nalgraem3 -at- gmail.com (no spaces or hyphens, just use the @ symbol. Also, that is a zero in the name).


That is what I have for now. I’m sure I think of more soon, and add them to this post. In the meantime, if my readers have any more questions (preferably ones that can be answer in a paragraph or two), feel free to mention them in this comments of this post.


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9 responses to “Q & A

  1. aquietmimic

    Have you considered just calling yourself a Catholic only instead of Christian? It’s confusing if you call yourself a Christian and a Catholic where many in society today wouldn’t know the difference between Protestant and Catholics. Interested about why you are Catholic and not any other Christian denomination.

  2. @ aquietmimic

    I call myself a Catholic Christian because I am a Christian who is in communion with the Catholic church. I don’t see how it is any more confusing than calling oneself an Evangelical Christian or Charismatic Christian or Born-Again Christian. The use of Christian explains to non-Christians what I am, and the use of Catholic helps Christians know exactly where I stand. Omitting either would be more apt to confuse in my view.

    As for why I’m Catholic, that is worthy of a long post. A short answer is this:
    1) I don’t believe in Sola Scriptura- it is a relatively recent doctrine in Christian thought and a significant departure from what was practiced for a millennium and a half.
    2) I believe that apostolic authority was meant to be continued beyond just the original 11+ Paul. The NT makes it clear that those who followed after them were meant to both continue their teaching and inherit their authority.
    3) The schismatic nature of Protestantism has shown itself to be a failure. Each sect competes with the others to cater to whomever it can, and the Truth is sacrificed along the way.
    4) I have considered the Orthodox church before, and it still has a lot of appeal to me.

  3. aquietmimic

    @donalgraeme Cool perspective.
    To me, I only consider myself as a Catholic without the Christian as it insinuates to me that Christ only created the Catholic Church. The only full/true Christians are Catholic, and the rest of Christianity were not created by God but by man; they are considered outside the Church (unless baptised in water by the Holy Spirit).

  4. Fish Man

    Nice post.

  5. mdavid

    ..how come you see marriage as just an exchange of goods and services?… DG answer:…men are able to compartmentalize things

    Snort. Women are the primary proponents of “marriage as exchange”. Find me a woman who is fine with marriage to a man who a) doesn’t provide resources or protection, or b) isn’t interested in sex. The truth is, both parties have serious expectations for an “exchange” in marriage (for the support of children at the least). Otherwise, why get married at all? Why not merely live individually? Hell of a lot easier.

    How come all of the men here are cold, insensitive and uncaring jerks?

    DG, I’m sorry to pull your blog’s rep down like that. I have no excuse…it’s just my nature :-).

    I have considered the Orthodox church before, and it still has a lot of appeal to me.

    You would make a better prot than an EO. But unfortunately you have too much brains & knowledge of history to be a prot…and too much love of doctrine & reason to be an EO. The contradictions of either camp would haunt you. I feel for you, bro, been their myself. The Communion of Saints has been, and always will be, Catholic. Unified. Obedient. One Doctrine. One Eucharist. All Ages. All Nations. All Time. Everything else (much good) rides in the wake.

  6. @ aquietmimic

    Got you. From what I understand, originally it was only the Church which was referred to as Catholic, while its members called themselves Christians. Could be wrong on that though.

    @ Fish Man


  7. @ mdavid

    DG, I’m sorry to pull your blog’s rep down like that. I have no excuse…it’s just my nature

    Oh don’t worry, I pull my blog’s rep down fine all by myself. Quite a few women have expressed that sentiment in one way or another. I just wanted to make it clear to them that if I (and the others here) am a cold-hearted monster, it is only because women made me into one.

  8. Yes, yes, this is all well and good, but what’s your favorite R.E.M. album?

    I pull my blog’s rep down fine all by myself.

    Allowing smart@$$es to post incredibly witty comments probably doesn’t help. You oughtta consider banning those types.

  9. @ NSR

    Yes, yes, this is all well and good, but what’s your favorite R.E.M. album?

    Oh, tricky that. Going to need to listen to them again to make a decision.

    <blockquote<Allowing smart@$$es to post incredibly witty comments probably doesn’t help. You oughtta consider banning those types.

    Well, if anyone shows up and starts offering witty comments, I’ll be sure to lash out with the ban-hammer.

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