Can’t Win For Playing The Game

If this article is to be believed, at the University of Michigan a man can be a perpetrator of sexual violence whether he sleeps with a woman, or not:

Examples of abuse listed on the University of Michigan’s domestic violence awareness website say “sexual violence” includes “withholding sex and affection” and “discounting the partner’s feelings regarding sex” – definitions that have come under fire by some men’s rights activists.

The terms, found under the heading “definitions,” also suggest verbal or psychological abuse include: “insulting the partner; ignoring the partner’s feelings; withholding approval as a form of punishment; yelling at the partner; labeling the partner with terms like crazy [and] stupid.”

Oh wait, there is no need to believe them, they link to the University’s website directly in that article (and in the first sentence, no less).

This madness keeps on getting worse and worse. And there seems to be no end in sight. Of course, rules like this make for excellent Black Knight fodder.

Just think about it. The word partner isn’t defined in that document, meaning that it is open to interpretation. So there is all kinds of room for abuse present. So what is to stop a man from claiming to be a partner with a woman, and then accusing her of sexual violence if she refuses to sleep with him? Or even show affection, such as with hugs or kisses. The possibilities to twist this system against itself are endless. At least, they would be if they were ever intended to be fairly applied. But I think that most of us know that that was never the intention. Despite the inclusive language, women are supposed to be the survivors, and men the abusers. Still, I’m sure an enterprising, would-be Black Knight could find plentiful ways to amuse himself at this absurd system’s expense. In fact, this would be the perfect opportunity for a Beta-Orbiter to achieve some measure of revenge. And he might have the close contact with a woman to pull off the “partner” bit too.


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9 responses to “Can’t Win For Playing The Game

  1. Feather Blade

    A curious game – the only winning move is not to play.

    I can see this being used quite handily against the LGBT faction.

  2. allamagoosa

    I’m starting to think men avoiding college altogether might be wise.

    I suppose a really, really enterprising Black Knight could hire a girl to make accusations against another girl.

  3. Novaseeker

    It won’t be enforced against [wo]men or in LGBT settings, we know that.

  4. Novaseeker

    Against “women” — not against “men”. This is aimed at heterosexual men, not LGBTs and certainly not women.

    [DG: Fixed]

  5. Feather Blade

    Of course it’s aimed at heterosexual men.

    It will be enforced against heterosexual women if the complainant is higher (lower?) in the Hierarchy of Victimhood. (As seen in the case of the pre-op trans-whatever fellow who insisted on using the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College.)

    But the gender neutral language leaves it wide open for all sorts of use and abuse from all parties.

  6. Feminine But Not Feminist

    Refusing to have sex with someone is now sexual violence because it hurts that person’s feelings?!?! Good grief, what’s this world coming to… (and just when I thought the sex culture couldn’t get any worse).

    I’m starting to think men avoiding college altogether might be wise.

    I second that thought. If they must go, then they should at least keep a very close watch on their school’s policy on so-called “abuse” so they can navigate it as best they can. And avoid anything that involves women that go to that school, if at all possible. Just do what they absolutely have to do and get out.

    I noticed the term “Black Knight” being used a couple of times. I’ve heard of a White Knight, but don’t recall ever reading about a Black Knight. What is it, and how does it apply to this subject?

  7. Novaseeker

    The CW for college aged guys who are sexually active is becoming this: if you want to get laid, do it with girls who are off-campus and not students at your school. Obviously I don’t endorse that behavior from a moral perspective, but it’s an interesting trend.

  8. Feather Blade

    “Black Knighting” is when one uses the rules imposed by the authorities to engineer the exact opposite result intended by those who imposed the rules.

    So this particular rule, which is apparently intended to punish men for not engaging in intercourse with women, is worded such that a man could reasonably bring a complaint against a woman who rejects him… which is definitely not the intended objective of the rule.

    The point of doing something like that would be to demonstrate the injustice or foolishness of the rule, usually in the hope of getting it rescinded.

  9. @ Feather Blade

    Thanks for explaining that. I missed FBNF’s question from before.

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