Random Musings And Links- #5

This post will be mostly links. Minor musings at the end and with the links. As always, inclusion does not indicate support.

I want to begin with A Northern Observer’s post Hypergamy’s End Game. It tells of a town in Brazil populated and run by women. Read the post, read the article. There’s a gold mine of ideas to extract there. Also, this quote of the day post is worth the read. [Update: ANO also suggests reading this piece on the Marxist roots of radical feminism.]

Next, Feminine But Not Feminist has a post up talking about how she believes Why Chaste Men Are Attractive. Personally I think she is confusing confidence in chastity, which is or can be attractive, with the chastity itself, which is desirable. Setting that aside, the comments in that post are still extremely lively and worth a long look.

Elspeth has had a slew of good posts lately. I would start with When the rubber meets the road, girls aren’t being fooled. Follow with  Marrying Wisely. Then move to Fixing What You Can Fix. Finish up with What’s Cooking and Other Thoughts on Housewifery (is that a word E?).

Hearthie follows up on some thought’s raised in Elspeth’s posts in her own exploration of how He works all things together for good.

Maeve is experiencing an existential crisis waffling about getting a waffle iron. Although fate might have intervened. [Posts included herein due to my love of all things waffle.]

Deep Strength has several posts worth reading. Worth mentioning here is Being Christian can be offensive and the second part of his Dominion series.

Vox Day explores the Ghosts of the Alpha Widow. I know that the subject of Alpha Widows is one that generates a lot of controversy and objection from some quarters. But I think that of all the myriad things discussed and argued about in the ‘sphere, it is amongst those with the strongest evidence to back up its existence. The real question or debate about Alpha Widowhood, in my view, is whether it is permanent or if it can be reduced, suppressed or even removed somehow.

Dalrock has had a couple of good posts lately. First is She’s done it all wrong. Why hasn’t God delivered the husband she is praying for? The comments are both interesting and atrocious at times, so I can’t suggest you read through them all. But the main post is worth it. As is this little gem- Slutting made her a better Christian. People like that are among those the prophet Isaiah warned about.

Ballista at Society of Phineas talks about how The MSM Discovers the Personal Jesus. Frankly, it is rather shocking to me now how many of my “Christian” friends are now open Churchians. Many of them were, on the surface at least, far more devout than I in high school and college. But now I can see that they were the seeds sown on rocky soil- they sprouted quickly but withered just as quickly.

Mrs. C. has written an excellent post analyzing the problem of “superiority” when men and women are concerned. You can find it at Which is Better? The Masculine or The Feminine?

Allamagoosa has a recipe for Homemade Fries which makes me wish I wasn’t eating low-carb at the moment.

Rollo Tomassi at The Rational Male has been blogging for three years now. While he and I often don’t see eye-to-eye, his blog was one of the ones which is most responsible for me both finding and sticking around the ‘sphere.

Stingray wonders about Changes in the Wind? I think that there is definitely a shift going on. I’ve heard some female colleagues (younger ones) talking in ways that I didn’t hear even 5 years ago about men and how they are affected by the law. But I’m not sure yet what exactly is going on, or where it is heading. She also talks about Choice and feminists.

Leane at Finer Femininity is taking a break. In the meantime, read this piece on dealing with the suffering of those close to us.

Mrs. ktc warns about the perils of trying to “make” healthier husbands.

Free Northerner talks about Preventing the killing fields. Setting aside any agreement or disagreement with his points, I do think that violence is a likely outcome from those without a sense of hope or purpose. It is something that must be kept in mind whenever discussing broad-scale social issues.

Lastly, over at Girls Being Girls Stingray tries to answer a reader’s question of How do I prove I’d make a good wife?

As for even more random musings…

I’m planning on writing a post about the Sin of Sloth. I think it is the hidden sin of our times- it is both extremely prevalent, and yet completely invisible to most observers. A lot of problems can be laid at its feet. Consequently I think it deserves more attention from Christians.

A post idea I’ve had for a long time, but never gotten around to, is a collection of all the ways that AWALT. Basically, to try and get a comprehensive list. Of course, the amount of contention such a post would generate would be astronomical. So I may save it for when I want to drum up traffic….

Something that I want to address as well is the Looks/Athleticism versus Personality debate that seems to show up all the time in the comment section at The Rationale Male. A lot of folks there place too much stock in Looks, as compared to the other LAMPS/PSALM attributes. My suspicion is that the reason why is because Looks and Athleticism are obvious to everyone, whereas Personality/Power can be much more difficult to pick up. Not sure when I will get to writing it, but would love to finish it sometime this month.


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11 responses to “Random Musings And Links- #5

  1. Elspeth

    Appreciate the linkage, as always.

    And I’m not sure if housewifery is a word or not, but I like the sound of it. Let me check…

    Ha! Yes, yes it is:


  2. Thanks for the links – and the traffic!

    I’d also suggest this post: “Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives”

    It was a real eye-opener to read the associated article.

  3. I’m going to post on your observation at the bottom later tonight.

  4. Maeve

    LOL Donal – existential crisis, indeed!

    Mrs. C. and you are both correct though – if I don’t get one now, only bad things can happen. 🙂

    (BTW – did you see the recipes Bike Bubba & Hearthie contributed? It would be downright rude and ungrateful of me to not make them and we can’t have that now, can we?)

  5. @ Maeve

    Why yes, I did see those recipes. And it would be downright uncharitable to not give them a try.

  6. @ Elspeth

    Someone better clue in WordPress that housewifery is a word!

  7. Feminine But Not Feminist

    Thank you for the linkage Donal! 🙂

    Oh, and the whole waffle thing is absolutely cracking me up, lol. Not a hard thing to do (I’m very easy to amuse), but still. 🙂

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  9. ballista74

    Thanks for the link.

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  11. Thanks for the link. Just got back from an internet fast and noticed.

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