Random Musings And Links- #3

Today’s post is a bit of a catch-all. No specific theme, just a few updates, some links I found interested and random thoughts.

Forgotten, Not Ignored

While I’ve tried my best to respond to folks that have e-mailed me since I started this blog, I know that I haven’t responded to everyone. Some folks have slipped through the cracks and I have/had forgotten to respond to them. In the last few days I’ve tried to respond to as many folks as possible, so if you’ve sent me something in the past but didn’t get a response check your e-mail. And if you haven’t gotten a response back from me, its not because I’m ignoring you but because your e-mail got lost in the avalanche of e-mail I’ve received over time. You can always re-send it and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

New Additions

I’ve added a few new links to my side-bar in the last few weeks.

To begin with, frequent commenter Feminine But Not Feminist has finally started her own blog. You can find it, Be Feminine Not Feminist, here.  Her first post is a take-down on the subject of the notion of a “strong, independent woman.” At the moment I have her included in my Feminine blogs section.

The second new addition is the blog Finer Femininity. It is a blog run by a Traditional Catholic woman with a lovely and large family (11 children, plus grandchildren) who aims to help women become the best possible mothers and wives. I think that many of my female readers would find it a valuable blog to read. I’m torn where to place it, but for the moment have it included in my Parenting/Families section of my blogroll.

Lovelyleblanc has started a new blog, A New Shade of Feminine, aimed at helping black women fully embrace their femininity. I imagine it will have helpful tips for other women as well. I’ve included it in my Femininity section.

Interesting Links

Here are a few of the more interesting or edifying posts that I’ve read in the last few weeks. As always inclusion doesn’t necessarily mean endorsement.

Novaseeker over at Veritas Lounge asks the question: Was Marriage 1.0 A Dysgenic Mating Subsidy?

A few weeks back Cail Corishev wrote a post on PTSD Flashback Sex that is rather dark but a valuable read all the same.

Cane Caldo offered some advice to men facing rebellious wives in You Can Win Both.

Lady Sigyn discussed Judging A Book By The Content Of Its Characters.

Empath has a dark post asking women if it is Worth It. Should be sobering to some.

CaseyAnn warns us that Carpets are piled high with toxic pollutants. (I always like the look of tile and stone floors before, but now I view them on a whole different level)

Ballista asks: Does Fornication Matter When It Comes To Marriage?

On a related note, Wintery Knights asks: Should women who get pregnant after premarital sex expect the men to marry them?

Deep Strength responds to a commenter at WK’s site with a post of his own- Individual and societal responses in civilization.

Allamagoosa wrote a post on Age Gaps which some might find interesting.

Martel is back with a post on Being a Baby.

Free Northener talks about Cyclical History. There is nothing new under the sun.

Seriouslypleasedropit gets both philosophical and religious with The Miracle. Not an easy read, but some might find it interesting, especially those interesting in more philosophical matters.

Maeve tells us Some Fun Things to Celebrate in August.

Vox Day argues why Saving civilization is not “manning up.”

Rollo wrote a post examining the phenomenon of “spreadsheet guy.” I’ve been meaning to respond in depth to his post, but haven’t been able to focus my thoughts enough to get anything worthwhile written down.

NSR has a short but good post on respect in Get Yourself High.

This post by ZippyCatholic is a quick read, but the comment section is long and worth reading in full. Lots of debate concerning freedom, subsidiarity, liberalism and authority.


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4 responses to “Random Musings And Links- #3

  1. Feminine But Not Feminist

    Thank you for the linkage Donal! 🙂

    Hey Guest, if you’re reading this, the link above to my post is the one we talked about 2 months ago, just in case you didn’t get the link I left on that post.

  2. Thanks for linkage, will read the post by Winterty. I genuinely enjoy reading his posts because he also discusses apologetics.

  3. ballista74

    thanks for the link.

  4. Maeve

    Bon Appétit, Donal. 🙂

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