Saturday Saints- #28

Having completed the alphabet with the letter Z in the previous post in this series, we now return to the letter A. Today’s saint is Saint Alypius:

Saint Alypius the Stylite (Greek: Ἀλύπιος ὁ Στυλίτης) was a seventh-century ascetic saint. He is revered as a monastic founder, an intercessor for the infertile, and a protector of children. During his lifetime he was a much sought-after starets (guide in the Christian spiritual life).

I find St. Alypius interesting because he was apparently quite influential (two monasteries were founded near to him), and also because at the same time he lived much of his life on top of a pillar. In my studies of the early saints I’ve discovered that it  was a popular practice for ascetics in the first millennium of Christianity to live like that. Apparently it found favor with the Lord, as St. Alypius lived to be over a 100 (118 reportedly). You can find out more about him at his wiki, located here.

St. Alypius


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7 responses to “Saturday Saints- #28

  1. DJ

    I enjoy your Saturday Saints feature. Do you like Fox’s book of Martyrs? also what are your usual sources for finding these people?

  2. @ DJ

    Don’t have that book and haven’t read it, so no. I use wikipedia and other online sources to find these saints.

  3. femininebutnotfeminist

    Oh yay, you’re starting back over at the beginning of the alphabet! I was kinda bummed after “Z” because I thought it was over. I enjoy these posts too. This is great that you’re going back through again!

  4. @ FBNF

    I intend to keep going through the Alphabet every week. Given the number of weeks in a year, and letters in the alphabet, it should be about two complete runs a year.

  5. Thanks, I will check it out when I get a chance.

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