Saturday Saints- #26

We have come to the letter “Y” in our list of saints, and so today’s saint is Saint Yrieix:

Saint Aredius (c. 510–591), also known as Yrieix, was Abbot of Limoges and chancellor to Theudebert II, King of Austrasia in the 6th century. He founded the monastery of Attanum, and the various French communes called St. Yrieix are named after him.

Here are some of the legends surrounding him:

He was the son of Jocundus, a wealthy Roman. As a young boy he was sent to monastery at Vigeois to study. At the age of 14, he was sent to Metz, under Theudebert. He became the chancellor. Aredius left the court, where life was dissolute, to join Nicetius, bishop of Trier. He converted to Christianity; when he was singing psalms, a dove came down from the sky and flew around him, Aredius tried to shoo it away, but this one was placed above his head. The dove remained with Aredius during thirty days. When his father died, he joined his mother Pelagia in a villa in Attanum (Attane).

(All drawn from the wiki article on him)

[Side note: Some letters in the Alphabet are sadly lacking in saints whose names begin with them. Might I suggest to any of the faithful among my readers that if you should have any children, or more children, that those poor, forgotten letters receive some love too? We need more saints whose names begin with Q, and X and Y in particular.]


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2 responses to “Saturday Saints- #26

  1. femininebutnotfeminist

    A few names come to mind, but not many….

    ~Xavier, named after the Saint or the guy from X-Men
    ~Xander, which is short for Alexander, pronounced “Zander”
    ~Quin, for a girl, or
    ~Quinn, for a guy

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