Drowned, Not Submerged, By The Law

To all of those who still think that Family Law in America has any traces of justice left in it, read this. Read the whole thing.

As far as I can gleam from the article, the father in question has defied no court orders. Nor did he fail to meet some prearranged deadline or statutory requirement. He merely didn’t do something the judge feels would have been convenient. And that is enough for him to potentially (probably?) lose his daughter.

As for the judge, she ought to keep in mind the words of the prophet Isaiah:

Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees,
    and the writers who keep writing oppression

(Isaiah 10:1)




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8 responses to “Drowned, Not Submerged, By The Law

  1. Thanks Zippy. Fixed now.

  2. theshadowedknight

    Military guys hear about these things. The more that they hear, the less loyalty they hold. It is not a wise course to anger your armies, lest you need them and they abandon you.

    I will spread this around. Cause some ruckus. This judge might want to watch out; this guy is not one of the proles. Submariners are an odd lot, and I would be careful about attacks on their families. Probably some bitch that is looking out for women without any regards to consequences.

    The Shadowed Knight

  3. A cruise missile wouldn’t take very long to reach that judge’s house.

  4. femininebutnotfeminist

    It looks like that judge is looking for any excuse she can find to put the child with her biological mother, even if it’s not in the child’s best interest. TSK is spot-on by saying she’s a b**ch. I mean, it’s not like he can just get off of a submarine as easy as getting a day off work at a local business, and she darn well knows this. This situation would be terrible enough as is, made even worse IMO by doing it to a man who chose a job where he is protecting all of us, including that judge. My Dad was a Navy sailor, and the thought that some judge would’ve done this to him attempting (and probably succeeding) to take me away from him for no good reason really, REALLY ticks me off.

  5. I agree that this judge is obviously just looking for an excuse to return the girl to her biological mother, given that the mother lost custody due to neglect FOUR years ago. Makes me wonder about the reasoning behind this sudden custody battle, was this family doing something that the government doesn’t approve of?

    I’m not too versed in legal matters, but would it be harder for the judge to take the girl away if her stepmother had legally adopted her? She obviously cares for her husband and the girl.

  6. It’s even worse if he’s on an SSBN…

  7. mdavid

    I knew a guy who’s wife dumped him for some guy in a nearby city. She had it all planned ahead of time and he was hit with it all when he was away. He quit his six-figure field job to take care of his older boys, and took a minimum wage job to get by.

    Wife’s new spouse was well-off, and she made more money than him now anyway. But he nearly got jailed for not making draconian child support payments for the one son the wife kept, since the court based the payments his prior wages. He was riding a bike last I saw him, last thing he owned, and was having trouble making the court appearances in the nearby city.

    Mark my words: the backlash against women in the next generation or two is going to be scary. Men willing to have kids are going to grow rare as well. I’ve had more than one man earnestly warn me how foolish I am to have a large family, explaining how much each extra child will be when my wife screws me over (not if, when). I confess I have no logical reply handy besides that yes, a man breeds at his own peril today.

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