Saturday Saints- #15

The letter for today’s Saturday Saint’s post is “N”, which leads us to today’s saint, St. Nikephoros:

St. Nikephoros I or Nicephorus I (Greek: Νικηφόρος Α΄, Nikēphoros I ), (c. 758 – April 5, 828) was a Christian Byzantine writer and Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from April 12, 806, to March 13, 815.

There are a few things I found interesting about this particular saint-

  • He was apparently a layman when he was chosen to be Patriach, and only ordained upon his elevation.
  • He was an influential opponent of the second wave of iconoclasm inside the church.
  • He was a learned man very familiar with the works of the early church fathers.
  • He wrote a chronography or book of universal history which is still used by modern scholars today to measure how much has been recovered, and how much is still lost, from ancient apocrypha.

As always, you can read more at the full wiki article here.


St. Nikephoros of Constantinople

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